10 Simple Tips to Wake Up Early in the Morning

17 May 24


1- Avoid Using Gargets before Bedtime

Using mobile phones or watching TV just before bedtime keeps the mind active for long. Even your mind needs some time to shut down before proper sleep.

2- Eat Light Meal at Nightime

A heavy meal at night gives the body enough work for metabolism. So the body remains active and hence sleep gets rescheduled.

3- Exercise during the Day

You can do yoga or mild exercises during the day to keep mind and body healthy. It will also release happy hormones in body which helps in better sleep at night.

4- Create a Fix Sleep Routine

Go to bed and wake up at the same time. You mind and body will get used to the sleep cycle. Then you won’t have to put much effort to sleep.

5- Put Alarm Clock Away from Bed

Place the alarm clock away from the bed so that you won’t snooze it right away. Also, movement of the body will help your brain getting awake as well.

6- Add Something You Love in the Morning Routine

You can read pages of your favourite book, do some journaling or meditation, get your favourite coffee while going for a walk or anything else.

7- Dance a Little

Dance on your favourite music in the morning. Trust me! It’s gonna change the way you look at the world.

8- Sleep Till Late in Weekends

Give yourself the permission to sleep till late on weekends. Create a cozy night routine the night before the weekends and get yourself a long beauty sleep.

9- Get Bright Light First Thing in the Morning

Expose yourself to the bright yellow light of nature and say ‘Good Morning’ to the world. The sunlight in the morning is said to improve the mood as well.

10- Take Cold Shower

The cold splashes of water on the face and body can wake even a big sleepy head in an instant.

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