Summer Special Rice Recipes to Make at Home

12 April 24


Curd Rice

This is literally my comfort meal for the summer. Mix curd and white rice and temper it with curry leaves, Indian spices and ghee. I even add soybeans and tomatoes to it.

Mint Rice

The mint rice recipe is an absolute bliss to have on warm summer days. You can add ingredients of your choice, like mushrooms, baby corn, peas, etc. It tastes best with raita.

Lemon Rice

This tangy and flavourful rice recipe is made with tempering spices and curry leaves. Lemon juice added to the meal makes it wholesome.

Mango Rice

This rice recipe is the perfect balance of spice and sour and tastes absolutely delightful. Decorate it with grated coconut and serve with tomato chutney.

Coriander Rice

Add rice, veggies, roasted spices and fresh coriander in a pot. Cook it well and serve with cucumber raita. Trust me! Nothing can beat this wholesome meal.

Chicken Fried Rice

Cook rice, shredded chicken, and scrambled eggs with soy sauce and shezwan sauce. This street-style chicken fried rice will leave you craving more.

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