South Indian ‘Ghee Podi Idli’ at Home: Ready in 15 Minutes

31 May 24


Step 1

Roast some peanuts and dry red chillies in a pan.

Step 2

Then add some urad dal, chana dal and a garlic clove. Keep roasting.

Step 3

Now add some sesame seeds, cumin seeds, grated coconut and curry leaves. Roast until all the ingredients are crispy and aromatic.

Step 4

Once cool down, put all the ingredients in a grinder. Add salt, tamarind, jaggery and make a fine powder.

Step 5

Heat some ghee in a pan. Add hing and mustard seeds. Turn off the heat once the ingredients start popping.

Step 6

Add mini idlis or small pieces of regular idlis to the pan. Mix the roasted masala and add a little more ghee and salt.

Step 7

Enjoy the delicious Ghee Podi Idli as a breakfast or evening snack.

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