Most Delicious ‘Tomato Soup’ Recipe You’ll Ever Need!

25 April 24


Step 1

Add a little butter to a pan and saute some garlic, chopped onions, tomatoes and carrot in it.

Step 2

Put some water and a bay leaf in it. Cover it with a lid and let it become mushy.

Step 3

Remove the bay leaf and blend the gravy in a smooth paste.

Step 4

Sieve the tomato paste and place it in a pan. Discard the residue.

Step 5

Add a little water, pepper, sugar and salt in the pan. Let it boil for a few minutes with a covered lid.

Step 6

Now, add some fresh cream to the tomato soup.

Step 7

Garnish with fresh basil and croutons. Enjoy the creamy and wholesome tomato soup anytime you want.

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