Ho Jaye Kuch Muh Meetha? 10 Most Popular Indian Sweets

31 May 24



Any Indian celebration is incomplete without the gol-gol, round-round laddoos. What variety do you want? Besan laddoo? Motichur ladoo? Dry fruit laddoo???


Of course, not that Suryavansham wali kheer. But the delicious, creamy one with lots of dry fruits served with a pinch of saffron on top. By the way, I like the Kheer best when it is cold.

Gulab Jamun

The soft, delicious Gulab Jamun will melt in your mouth and make your heart dance with joy. Every bite will give you the taste of heaven.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Winter season is India calls for Gajar ka Halwa. The richness of dry fruits, pure desi ghee and the love of the family, make this sweet Indian delicacy even more sweeter.


Crispy Jalebis filled with liquid sugar are a treat for your sweet-loving taste buds. And if you try one with Rabri, there is no going back, trust me!


Meet the Indian version of dumplings, which is the epitome of sweetness and good taste. It’s truly the best Ras-ka-gola you’ll ever eat in your life.


Here comes my favourite Indian sweet, which I can eat every single day. From this year onwards, I’m thinking of cutting a Ghevar cake on my birthday.


Get a taste of real India with a chilled, delicious Kulfi. The crunchy dry fruits and saffron make it even more heavenly.


Many people call it Indian candy. Agra Petha is the most famous, with many versions, including Pan Petha, Chocolate Petha, Kesar Petha, Kancha Petha, and more.


Let me say this out loud: Barfi is so underrated!!!! There are many equally delicious varieties available. You name it, taste it and want it every single day.

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