Easy Breakfast Recipes Perfect for Summer

10 April 24


Avocado-Egg Toast

Spread the creamy avocado and a half-boiled egg on toast. Sprinkle herbs on top and enjoy a quick and delicious breakfast meal.

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal

Enjoy the yummy flavour of oats with the goodness of banana. And the addition of melted chocolate on top is pure heaven.


You can prepare as many versions of soft, fluffy pancakes as you want. My favourite breakfast recipe is the blueberry-chocolate chip pancakes.

Scrambled Egg Toast

Cook a yummy scrambled egg and spread it on a buttery toast. Add lots of grated cheese on the top for a delicious and fulfilling breakfast.

Green Smoothie

This breakfast recipe contains the richness of kale and avocado for a perfectly healthy and refreshing summer meal.

Fruits and Muesli Bowl

Prepare a creamy muesli bowl and fill it up with your favourite fruits. You can also add chopped dry fruits on top.

French Toast

This breakfast recipe is easy to make and is perfect for any busy morning. Best served with fresh fruits, syrup of your choice and whipped cream.

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