Delicious Paratha Recipes You Must Try!

11 April 24


Paneer-Pyaaz Paratha

Take scrambled paneer and chopped onion, and add spices to it. Stuff your regular parathas with this yummy filling and get the taste of heaven.

Daal Paratha

If you have leftover daal, just mix it with the dough. If you want, add green chillies and potatoes and make crispy, delicious parathas with it.

Chilli Cheese Paratha

Enjoy this mouth-watering spicy paratha recipe. The cheese melts in your mouth with every bite. This is my most loved paratha recipe.

Egg Paratha

This wholesome paratha recipe is extremely delicious. You can even add the veggies of your choice while preparing the omelette.

Methi Paratha

Spices and fenugreek (Methi) give the regular parathas a more yummy and nutritious twist. You can also prepare them as a tea-time snack.

Pizza Paratha

Put chopped veggies and grated cheese between two paratha layers. Your cheese-burst pizza paratha is ready to eat.

Malabari Paratha

This yummy paratha recipe is made with maida and egg. The layered parathas are best enjoyed with kurma and curry.

Sattu Paratha

The dough is prepared using roasted ground pulses and cereals. It is one of the most nutritious paratha recipes to make.

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