10 Most Delicious Biryani Recipes in India

09 April 24


1- Hyderabadi Biryani

The most loved and authentic Biryani recipes in India. Half-boiled rice is dum-cooked with fried onions, mint and meat.

2- Keema Biryani

Rice and minced meat are cooked together, mixed with a variety of aromatic spices and lots of dry fruits. Rose water adds extra delight.

3- Handi Biryani

This Biryani recipe is full of flavours and my all-time favourite. Rice, chicken and vegetables are layered with masalas and slow-cooked.

4- Awadhi Mutton Biryani

Meet the royal biryani from Awadh. The marinated mutton is mixed with roasted spices and is delicately cooked to perfection.

5- Chicken Biryani with Coconut Milk

Enjoy the creamy Biryani loaded with delightful flavours and the twist of coconut milk.

6- Calicut Chicken Biryani

The flavours of Calicut are blended with the flavours of South India, resulting in one of the most delicious Biryani recipes in India.

7- Malabar Fish Biryani

Checkout this authentic Biryani recipe straight from the kitchens of Malabar. It has a tangy and spicy flavour, along with the richness of cashews.

8- Egg Biryani

This Biryani recipe is quick to prepare and is super yummy. If you aren’t a big fan of chicken, try this one.

9- Lamb Biryani

Cook up the lamb meat with saffron, mint, kewra, chilli, brown onions and cream in dum style.

10- Chicken Reshmi Biryani

Soft and tender chicken pieces are put in a pot with rice. Chillies and aromatic spices are added next, and cooked well.

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