Delicious Paneer Recipes That Are Easy to Make

18 April 24


Paneer Tikka Roll

Marinate small paneer cubes with ginger garlic paste, chopped capsium and onions, curd, besan and spices. Cook the paneer and fill it inside a Chapati roll along with you favourite sauce.

Paneer Toast

Cook scrambled paneer in a pan mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes and various spices. Spread the mix on bread pieces and then toast them for 2-3 minutes. Garnish with fresh coriander.

Paneer Salad

This is a special recipe. Roast paneer cubes and your favourite veggies in a pan with cumin seeds and herbs. Take them out in a bowl mix it with one spoon peanut butter. Enjoy!

Malai Kofta

Delcious fried koftas are made with potatoes, paneer and variety of spices. They are then cook into thick creamy tomato gravy giving a wholesome recipe. Best served with tandoori roti or naan.

Chilli Paneer

Cook the paneer cubes with chopped onions, bell peppers and spring onions. Add soy sauce, chilli sauces and ketchup to it. Enjoy the mouth watering paneer recipe with a sweet and spicy flavour.

Paneer Popcorn

Mix small paneer cubes with ginger garlic paste and spices. Coat them in a batter of cornflour and then cover with breadcrumbs. Fry them or bake them, and enjoy with your favourite dip.

Tawa Paneer

Cook chopped onion, tomatoes and capsisum in a pan along with spices. Mash them in to a paste and add paneer cubes to it. Cook a while longer and serve with your choice of bread.

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