Delicious Gujarati Recipes Other Than Dhokla

03 May 24



Theplas are the crunchier and more delicious version of regular parathas. They also make a great side item or tea-time snack with many different flavours like methi thepla, masala thepla etc.


This one-pot Gujarati recipe is loaded with yummy vegetables. The seasoned vegetables are cooked with a variety of Indian spices in an earthen pot for an exquisite flavour.


Muthiya is a delicious mixed-flour delicacy that can be steamed or fried. It is best served with curry leaves, hing, and sesame seeds tempered on top.


This wholesome dessert from Gujarat is pure bliss for the sweet tooths. What makes this dessert stand out is the richness of cardamom, dry fruits and nuts.


Khandvi is a flavoursome snack from Gujarat that is one of my top favourites. These tempting besan rolls are savoury in taste and best served with mint chutney.


Remember Jethalal’s favourite Sunday breakfast, Fafda and Jalebi? Fafda is a crunchy and yummy snack made with besan and Indian masalas.

Sev Tameta Nu Shaak

Enjoy the tangy tomato gravy with spicy green chillies and the yummy sev. This authentic sabzi is served with theplas or bakhra.

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