Best Summer Food You’ll Have on the Table in 30 Minutes

05 April 24


Pasta with Shrimp and Tomato Cream Sauce

I remember it was my first dish that I learned from YouTube. The reason behind learning this dish first is it takes less time in preparation.

Tropical Chicken Lettuce Wraps

How about Tropical Chicken Lettuce Wraps? It will take just 15 minutes from you. I know you definitely try making this at home!

Grilled Grouper

Love making fish food? Have you heard about Grilled Grouper? Try making this most-delicious food and serve it to your family.

Chicken Caprese Pasta

People use fresh herbs and tomatoes to make Chicken Caprese Pasta. The best part about this dish is you will love eating it with red wine.

Creamy Pesto-and-Shrimp Penne with Peas

Oh, I just love it! Creamy Pesto-and-Shrimp Penne with Peas is also in my list of favourite dishes that hardly takes 30 minutes to make.

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