9 Easiest Dishes To Make In Hostel

05 October 23


Masala Omelette

Salt, diced tomato, onion, and green chilies are blended with the eggs. Mixture is poured into a pan and cooked for two to three minutes.


Here is yet another simple choice for you. The best thing is that it just takes five minutes to prepare. A cup of poha and some veggies are all you need.


A bowl of steaming hot khichdi garnished with a scoop of desi ghee is unrivalled. Making khichdi only takes ten minutes.

Spicy Maggie

Maggie is a feeling rather than a dish. This instant noodle has been our perfect companion for late-night studying or Sunday breakfast because it just takes two minutes to prepare.


Daliya is dry-roasted till browned. Cook cumin seeds, ginger, onion, green chillies, and oil. Add roasted dailya, water, and salt. Cook till soft and water is observed.

Vegetable Pulao

The greatest method to use leftover rice is in this way. Chop some green chillies and onions. Sauté everything in heated oil until done.

Egg Bhurji

In a few minutes, these scrambled eggs may be transformed into a filling and substantial dinner by adding tomatoes, chillies, onions, and aromatic spices.


You require dry roast. Curry leaves, mustard seeds, urad dal, and rava. Sauté ginger, green chilies, and onion to add more taste.

Potato Sandwich

Over the years, this go-to snack has seen several changes. To improve the experience, you can add cheese slices or mayonnaise.

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