10 Unique Ways to Enjoy Cucumber in Summer Season!

15 April 24


1- Cucumber Raita

Cucumber raita is literally a blessing in the summer season. It’s so refreshing and delicious at the same time. Enjoy it with rice, or roti, or simply pour it in a glass and cheers!

2- Cucumber Sandwich

Spread butter on toast or white bread. Add thin cucumber slices and sprinkle with black pepper and herbs. It’s my all-time favourite snack, especially during summer.

3- Cucumber-Salad

Add cucumber and all your favourite veggies in a bowl. Then, prepare a salad version that you love. I love adding grated beetroot and a little peanut butter to it.

4- Cucumber Pickle

Don’t tell me you haven’t tried cucumber pickle yet. OMG! What are you even doing? It’s extremely delicious, and you will thank me later.

5- Cucumber Sangria

What’s better than a glass full of white wine with cucumber slices and honeydew melon? Nothing, I know!

6- Cucumber Soup

This yummy traditional soup is prepared with cucumbers and potatoes. Sometimes, rice is used in place of potatoes to make this creamy, delicious soup variety.

7- Cucumber Spring Rolls

Take spring roll wrappers or rice paper rolls and add thinly sliced cucumber and other veggies to them. Enjoy the simple and refreshing appetiser whenever you want.

8- Cucumber Salsa

Salsa sauce added to anything makes it ten times more delicious. Don’t you agree? Must try the cucumber salsa with cheesy nachos this summer.

9- Sour Cream Cucumbers

This cucumber recipe is like nothing else. It is extremely mouth-watering and a must-have, especially during the summer season.

10- Cucumber Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Stuff the cute little cherry tomatoes with cream cheese, cucumber and herbs. This wholesome cucumber recipe is easy to make.

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