10 Delicious Types of Momos: You Have to Try Right Now!

24 April 24


1- Vodka Momos

Imagine what a little vodka can do to your momos. Gonna make them ten times more delicious, duh!

2- BBQ Momos

Enjoy the spicy, flavoursome BBQ momos that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

3- Kurkure Momos

Cheese-corn Kurkure momos are my absolute favourite. I love eating them with red chilli sauce and a saur dip.

4- Devil Momos

If you are a spice lover, you have to try the best momos in town. They are made with special Tibetan spices and herbs.

5- Afghani Momos

Enjoy the creamy momo variety alone, or pair it with the noodles. You can adjust the spices as per your taste.

6- Shot Momos

Unlike regular momos, Shot momos have little pockets that are filled with dips and sauces.

7- Smoky Tandoori Momos

Marinate the momos with spices and lime, and put them in the tandoor. Enjoy the fiery tandoori momos with a chilli dipping sauce.

8- Momos Chaat

Well, Indians and chaat share a deep bond. So what harm is in trying momos chaat this time?

9- Au Gratin Momos

Yummy momos are dipped in a cheesy sauce mixed with herbs, spice and flavourful breadcrumbs.

10- Jhol Momos

These are the hot and spicy versions of momos with a tangy flavour. Jhol momos are served in a yummy soup.

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