Trick to turn your smartphone into a 3D Hologram


Humans have always wished to do three things in near future:

1. Find Aliens 

2. Levitating cars

3. 3D Holographic projecting Smartphones

Well, out of three one can be achieved at home, all you need is a simple smartphone and a few items. Have a look at the video


To turn your smartphone into a 3D Hologram projecting mobile, you will need:

1. Graph Paper 

2. CD Case

3. Tape or SuperGlue 

4. Pen 

5. Scissors 

6. SmartPhone 

7. Knife & Glass Cutter

Just devote a few minute and have a look at the 'magic' of reflection and refraction.

Shekhar Kumar

Digital Marketing Associate at FreeKaaMaal.com
Shekhar is working as Digital Marketing Associate at FreeKaaMaal. He is a MBA graduate who loves to write on interesting topics related to Tech and online Shopping . He is always up for dessert and an interesting conversation.