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Top 10 Haunted places in India you would never dare to visit at night

Haunted places in India, what could be more exciting place to travel and feel the rush of adrenaline to actually see a ghost (or at least feel the presence of).
If you are an avid traveler and never want to miss a place then let us dare you to go to the most haunted places in India.

10) GP block Merrut

image source : holidaymine.com

People have reported four men sitting inside the house around a table with a single candle lighted in the center, and having alcohol. Some whisper about a lady in red sitting on the rooftop.

9) Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

image courtesy : 1100walks.com

It is a step well located near the Connaught Place on the Hailey Road in the heart of India, Delhi, this is in fact a very cold hearted place. You would feel excited yet empty from within. People say that if you go down the stairs you would feel yourself pulled by the well itself to drawn in.

8) The Three Kings Church, Goa

image courtesy : goayell.com

The Three kings church is believed to be haunted by the three Portuguese Kings. According to the legends there were 3 Portuguese kings which ruled the state of Goa. They wanted power at any cost. Once, King Holger Alvunger, has invited two other kings in the palace. He poisoned both of them and after some time, he also committed suicide by consuming poison. All three died over there and still their spirit is felt wandering over the place.

7) Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

image courtesy : tripadvisor.com

Believe it or not, the park is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a phantom hitchhiker which can be seen wandering in the woods. If you ask the local guards then the leopard and other dangerous animals have eaten a lot of people who have stayed in the forest. The phantom hitchhiker was one of the victims.

6) Firoz Shah Kotla, Delhi

image courtesy : wikipedia.com

This place has witnessed numerous suicides and the place is filled by Djinns now, who dwell in these ruins. Although the authorities deny it, most buildings around are built facing the other way. If you go in the evening when sun is down, people say that you may feel followed or stalked by someone. It is even believed that fairies and other creatures visit this place.

5) The forests of Shimla

image courtesy : trekearth.com

What could I say about this, I have a friend (during my college) who couldn’t sleep properly for nearly two months after witnessing a headless man following him. Could be a hoax but the forests of Shimla are said to be filled with a lot of spirits and ghosts.


4) The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

image courtesy : placesnearpune.com

built in 1746 this marvellous piece of architect is actually believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young prince who was brutally murdered by his own relatives. If you camp inside at night you could actually hear the screaming of the young prince. So it is always advisable to stay away at night.

3) Dow Hill Kurseong, Darjeeling – West Bengal

image courtesy : indiamike.com

Remember 1920 movie? It is more or less like that. The Dow Hill’s residents have reported many sight seeing of a headless boy and a many ghosts in the creaking wood.

2) Dumas Beach-Surat, Gujrat

image courtesy : traveljee.com

A beautiful place, amazing vacation destination but beware, this beach is meant to be enjoyed in daytime only. This is the second most haunted place in India. Wish to hear whisper of spirits then come to this place. You would listen to spirits voices warnings from them. The beach was earlier used to be holy cremating ground for Hindus but now spirit wanders here at night.

1) Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

image courtesy : tripadvisor.com

It is the most haunted place in India. If it officially deemed as a Haunted place by Indian government with a sign board warning stating to stay away from the place during night. The story which follows a wizard and a princess.

The scary story of Bhangarh

According to the story the princess was very beautiful and her beauty charmed the wizard living nearby in Bhangarh. He tried to trick the princess by a love potion so that tge princess would fall in love with her.
But princess came to know about this and threw the portion on a rock. Enchanted rock crushed the wizard but before dying the Wizard bestowed a curse and foretold the doom of Bhangarh. Soon after the city was destroyed by the Mughal Army and princess died in the process. Till date it is believed that the ghost of these two roams the barren fort. And people who roam around in night have gone missing or found dead.

A visitor shared his visit to Bhangarh as
“People in Rajasthan are so afraid of Bhangarh that they don’t even tell you the way to Bhangarh after evening. Make sure you have proper route map to reach the location. I am sure one of you will not come back. Let’s hope for the best. Good Luck. I will pray to God that you should keep alright at that haunted place.”


Dare your devil and have a trip to these places.
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