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Top 10 excuses we give for not visiting GYM

We all wish to have a beautiful body, 6 pack abs, ripped body and awesome fitness. We know that we will look energetic and we will feel awesome and confident. All we have to do is to go to GYM. But despite of knowing the benefits we do not go, instead, we give lame excuses. Here are top 10 excuses we use to give ourselves just to abort ‘mission health’.

10. Oh, I am late


Well, you want to go to gym but you got struck in some work or woke up late in morning. “It’s late now, tomorrow i’ll do it for sure.”

9. Its easy! I’ll do it..


If you have experience of GYM before, you will be confident about reshaping yourself as you know all those dumbbells and bench press postures. This in return gives you a feeling of apathy and you’ll postpone the plan for the moment. 

8. I am fit enough

This happens when you are all set to embark upon the journey of healthy lifestyle and suddenly you realize that you look fine. I mean, there is a belly but its too a symbol of health. Right?

7. Let’s start it from home

You will try to stretch at home first before stepping out in arena. Rare case of excuse, but still it happens. 

6. Will go with someone


If you are dependent of trapped in the dilemma of a person working hard with you in GYM then for sure it will never happen. Instead if you keep on working out for yourself, people will surely come and join you. 

5. Push ups will do it91

Its like a starter for the whole Arnold goal. It won’t work until and unless you are really serious about preparing your body for workout.

4. Running is bettertumblr_mij3rmHOoM1s6vpuwo1_500 (1)

Well, first you decide to pump up some iron, then eventually you get inspired by the idea of preparing yourself for gym through running and at last you end up jogging in a small park with a lot of thoughts in your mind.

3. Be athletic


You will be inspired by some athletic physique or personality just a day prior to the start of your gym training and at last you end up making some strict diet chart and simple crunches.

2. Yoga!


Yoga seems as a very great stress buster and best for health. And at last you end up doing breathing exercises which is just a part of it.

1. Tomorrow never dies


No comments on this one. 

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