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Tips and Tricks for Planning a Garden Party

Summer garden parties can be a fantastic way to celebrate birthdays, or even occasions like weddings, or just a way to catch up with friends and family in a relaxed and fun space. But hosting a party in your garden has its challenges, and you’ll be left to plan a lot yourself, without the help you’d get from staff if you held your party at a professional venue. Here are some tips to help you get it right. 

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Create a Covered Area

It would be lovely to think the sun would always shine on a summer garden party. But unfortunately, the weather can be very unpredictable. Hiring a gazebo, or if you plan to host regular gatherings, investing in canopies and tents, is a great way to make sure your guests stay dry and have fun, even if there’s an unexpected summer shower. 

Think About Toilets

If you are hosting a small gathering of close friends, you might be happy for them to use your indoor toilet. But if you are planning a much larger party with people you don’t know as well, you might not want them all walking through your home, trailing mud in every time they need the toilet. A designated downstairs bathroom is ideal, but renting outdoor toilets is another excellent option. 

Lay Down Some Ground Rules

Again, the rules will depend on the size of the gathering and who you are inviting. But if you don’t want people to go into the house or certain areas are off-limits, don’t be scared to let people know. 

Move Breakables

One of the reasons why garden parties are so popular is because they avoid the risk of stained carpets, torn fabrics, and damaged valuables. However, many of us have favorite furniture, expensive planters, and well-loved plants we’d like to protect. Make sure you move anything breakable or important before the party starts. 

Choose a Theme

If you are hosting a large party for a special occasion, choosing a theme can make shopping for things like decorations and invitations much easier. It can also make choosing food easier and give your guests an idea of the dress code for the event. Some garden party themes to consider include pool parties, afternoon tea, picnic, and festival. 

Add Plenty of Seating

While some of the party is bound to be spent standing, dancing, playing games, and mingling, seating is still essential, especially if you are serving food. Add lots of tables and chairs to make eating easy, but also consider more comfortable seating and benches for later in the evening when people want to relax. 

Add Lighting and Warmth

Adding things like solar lights and blankets or heaters means those who want to stay later into the evening can do so comfortably. Drape blankets over the back of chairs or stack them in wicker baskets around the garden so everyone can take what they need. 

Do Some Research Before Choosing Food

BBQs and picnics are common garden party food choices. They are easy, cheap, and mean that you can offer many different options. This style of eating also makes it easier to ask guests to bring a contribution. Make sure you check for vegans or vegetarians before planning and set up another BBQ for meat-free options if needed. 

Hosting a garden party can be a great way to make sure you get a personal and unique event. It can also be much cheaper and more intimate than hiring a party space. With careful planning, your summer garden party can be a magical event that your guests will never forget.