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Do you know why we celebrate Father’s Day ?

The Origin of Father’s Days


Generally, we celebrate June 21st of every year by gifting something to our father and wishing him Happy Father’s Day, but have you ever wondered what is all about this day, or why do we even celebrate it? As a matter of fact, this particular day is not associated with any mythological event or with birth of some great guy with some special contribution to the society or country. Actually Father’s day is the tribute to innocent men which were killed in of Monongah Mining Disaster.


What happened on December 1907?


December 6, 1907 was a hard and cruel day when around 367 men got trapped in two mines of Monongah. The moment which took lives of these men is noticed as 10:28 AM when suddenly an an explosion killed most of the men trapped inside the mine. The blast damaged the ventilation system which caused further havoc.

The explosion was so big that it caused a surface to tremble, it is theorized that the main cause of the blast could be coal dust or the methane gas ignited through an electric spark. What came next was the mourning and tears in the families of the mine workers. This was the worst mining disaster in the history of America.


Aftermath of the crisis.


Around a thousand children left fatherless and it was no less than a roof of shelter taken out by the wind of chaos. A person which also contributed significantly in the establishment of Mother’s Day, suggested her pastor to pay tribute and honor the fathers.

After some years of the event, In June 19, 1910 Father’s day was celebrated in the Spokane, Washington, by Sonora Smart Dodd whose father Mr. William Jackson Smart was a Veteran of a Civil war and a single parent of six children. In the years of 1930’s she started promoting the celebration on a National level, and it was openly accepted as it was a respect toward your parent.


Father’s Day became an official day


However it was also resisted by a few Americans as they saw it as a potential commercial event for merchants and advertisers. It first came into recognition when President Woodrow Wilson In 1916 went to Spokane to speak in a Father’s Day celebration expressed his desire to make it an official day in the Republic. However during 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued an official proclamation regarding Father’s Day and he designated THIRD SUNDAY in June as the official Father’s Day.


What can you do to celebrate the Father’s Day?


Any Father on the earth do not primarily wish for gifts or any celebration, they want their children to learn the ways to cope up with the cruel world. And for that a great way to honor our Father is to show them that we have learned something from his experience. For example : Save a bit of money and pay electricity bill and tell him not to worry about it as you have paid it from the amount of money you saved. Imagine the kind of happiness he would feel over a gift of teddy bear or a watch.

Anyways, a father is a roof on our head, he deserve more than just gifts, he deserve respect, honor and above all, to be with you. So to gift your father something special to express your gratitude for being your parent you can visit our deals page to get best offers on father’s day


The ultimate Punjabi Dhokhla – KHAVIGEIO!!


Dhokla is a side food or a snack originated from Gujrat, India. It is loved by Indian and one cannot suppress the mouth watering taste of the soft, spongy, juicy Dhokla. Here we have bought a recipe of Dhokla make with a Punjabi 'tadka'.

What you need :

1 cup (Besan)
1/2 cup Curd (Dahi)
1 Green Chili (Chopped into very small pieces)
1 Pinch Turmeric
1/4 spoon Salt
2 Inch Ginger
1 Tablespoon (Tbsp) Fruit Salt (ENO or TATRI to make it Spongy)
1 Tbsp Oil
1/4 Cup Water (1/4 cup for making batter and 1 cup for seasoning)

Most of it is already present in a traditional Indian Kitchen so it would not be a problem. Now you have to prepare the Dhokla Liquid for which you would need:

1/2 Tbsp Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
4 Green Chilies (Each sliced into two pieces vertically)
1/2 Tbsp Coriander Leaves(Chopped)
1-1/2 Tsp Sugar
1 Cup Water..

Now you are ready with your weapon to prepare Dhokla to beat your hunger. You have to Prepare the Dhokla paste for which you have to take a bowl, add Besa, Curd and 1/4 cup of water. Mix well.
Keep aside the bowl for 4 hours to ferment. Add 1 Tablespoon of Oil, Salt, Turmeric, finely chopped Green Chilies, grated Ginger paste with 1 tsp of Sugar. Mix well.

Get ready for the 'heat' :


Take an Aluminum bowl. Grease it with Oil completely from inner side. 
Greasing will make sure that Dhokla does not stick to the bowl. Keep the bowl aside.
Add 1 tsp of fruit salt in the Dhokla paste and mix well.
Dhokla paste is now fluffy and soft.This mixture is now ready for steaming in pressure cooker.

Fill 25% of pressure cooker with water and place 1 small half-filled.

Place the Dhokla’s aluminum bowl on top of the small bowl and cover the lid of the pressure cooker.

Keep the stove on high flame and steam the Dhokla for 25 minute.

After every 5 minute, check to see if water has not completely evaporated. If this happens, add 2 cups of water again.

After 25 minute, Besan Dhokla would be ready. Switch Off the stove and open the cooker lid.

Take out the Aluminum bowl.

Separate the Dhokla from the corners of the bowl, with the help of a knife.

Take it out in a plate. Cut it in small pieces and keep it aside.

Making Dhokla Seasoning : 


Heat 1/2 Tbsp of Oil in a pan for about 30 seconds on high flame.
Add Mustard seeds, and sliced Green chilies. Turn the flame on low.
After 30 seconds, add 1 cup of water. After mixing well, add 1/2 tsp of sugar and chopped coriander leaves. 
After 10 min when the Dhokla will cool down and will be ready for the seasoning to serve as the jewel in the taste.


Kindly note that this recipe is of our team member Mr. Rohit .. You can contact him here

image image

18-The skeleton consists mainly of flexible cartridge.A network of blood vessels is visible through the thin skin

The birth of a new life.. Amazing pictures of womb showing how a Child is Born and develop in a mother’s care..

Lennart Nilsson (born 24 August 1922) is a Swedish photographer and scientist considered to be among Sweden’s first modern photojournalists. He spent nine months taking pictures of a womb and got these amazing 25 pics. Let's have a look.


1. A Sperm in the Fallopian Tube..!! Looks like a soul searching for a body



2. An egg cell.. finally found the body!!



3. Will you marry me? Please! An egg and a sperm.



4.The Fallopian tube, the love cafe!



5. Two sperm fighting for the Ovary. Only one sperm is allowed.



6. An sperm entering the ovary.



7. An sperm in the ovary.. here the soul meets the body.



8. The multiplication of cell starts.

8-The sperm 5-6 days.The clump has developed into a blastocyst, containing many more cells,and has entered the womb


9. An eight days old embryo attached to a wall of the uterus..

9-8th days.The human embryo is attached to a wall of the uterus


10. It develops further.. Brain goes first..

10-The brain starts to develop in the human embryo


11. Baby is 24 days old with no skeleton but there is a heart that starts beating on the 18th day..

11-24 days.The one-month-old embryo has no skeleton yet.There is only a heart that starts beating on the 18th day


124 Weeks old.. the body starts to take shape.

12-4 Weeks


13. After 5 weeks the baby is now approximately 10 mm. Eyes and nostrils starts to develop.

13-5 weeks.Approximately 9 mm.You can now distinguish the face with holes for eyes,nostrils and mouth


14. After 40 days, embryonic cells connect to the uterine wall of mother allowing in take of nutrition and energy from mother.

14-40 days.Embryonic cells form the placenta.This organ connects the embryo to the uterine wall allowing nutrient uptake,waste elimination and gas exchange via the woman’s blood supply


15. After eight weeks the embryo envelops itself in the foetal sac.

15-Eight weeks.The rapidly-growing embryo is well protected in the foetal sac


16. After 10 weeks the eyelids develops and they are semi-shut. 

16-10 weeks. The eyelids are semi-shut. They will close completely in a few days


17. After 16 weeks the baby in form of fetus uses its hands to know its surroundings. 

17-16 weeks.The foetus uses its hands to explore its own body and its surroundings


18. The skeleton and blood circulation system starts to develop.

18-The skeleton consists mainly of flexible cartridge.A network of blood vessels is visible through the thin skin


19. After 18 weeks the baby can now listen to your voice.

19-18 weeks.Approximately 14 cm.The foetus can now perceive sounds from the outside world


20. after 19 weeks its develops further.

20-19 Weeks


21. After 20 weeks, wooly hair, covers the entire head.21-20 weeks.Approximately 20 cm.Woolly hair, known as lanugo, covers the entire head


22. after 24 weeks, its kicking time

22-24 weeks


23. Other developments starts after 26 Weeks

23-26 Weeks


24. Now the baby is of 6 months, the baby turns upside down

24-6 months.The little human is getting ready to leave the uterus.It turns upside down because it will be easier to get out this way


25. Its 36 weeks now, the child will see the world in a few days.

25-36 weeks. The child will see the world in 4 weeks


And finally I am here mom-dad.. 



source source


10 most common problems working mothers face in daily life

This is a compilation of day to day problems faced by working women. They are brilliant managers and they are the real example of determination, consistency & perseverance.

10) Feed and Run


You gotta make breakfast and hurry to punch on time in office.

9) Run and Feed

feed cake

You have to come back quickly to feed your hungry kids.

8) Maintain home from office


You need to keep an eye over whatever is going on in your house. From babysitter to vegetable vendor.

7) PTM Parents Teachers Meeting


Alas! you have a PTM to attend and a very important client meeting has been already arranged.

6) Zero leave balance

giphy (1)

You sought to take every leave you could to take a chill pill.

5) Less time with Kids


Well, its logical ofcourse.

4) Less time to love


Work, commute, eat, sleep.

3) Stress


You sometime feel like your head bursting out because of stress of managing work and home.

2) Miss Kitty party


You miss those chatty kitty parties where gossip was masala in the tea.

1) Run!


You have to be on continous run. No time to stop!

This is very hard to keep up but still hats off to working women, they do it…


Mom, i am proud of you!!