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Learn How to crash your friends Whatsapp while sitting at home


Two brilliant Indian research students Indrajeet Bhuyan and Saurav Kar, have demonstrated that you can crash your recipient's whatsapp by sending a message with just 2,000 special character.


 What actually happens is that Whatsapp in its coding presumes that a message will contain less than 2000 special characters. But as a matter of fact, 2000+ character weigh more than 2KB of data crashing the recipient's whatsapp.

The recipient have to delete the entire conversation otherwise the app will keep on closing by itself (as shown in the video). This could be a bad joke for your friends but if you wish to delete your entire conversation with an annoying person, just send him something special in his/her textbox wink

If you have Whatsapp version '2.11.431 and 2.11.432' then this may affect you. Also this whole thing seems effective with Android versions up to 4.4.

Kindly note that it was first reported by 'The Hacker News'.


1st step

Put your smartphone’s model number below and know ways to save your battery

Amidst the long list of brilliant features, the most frustrating feature we face in smartphones today is the battery dying notification. Here is an app below to know the ways of saving your battery.
Just put your company and model number below and check it.
It is a new app developed the UK-based online electronics retailer 'LiGO' which would enable you to know how you can save your battery.
Just follow these simple steps to know the way to save your smartphone's battery.

1. Select your Brand/Company 

1st step

2. Select your model number

2nd step

3 Get your info.

3rd step

Just follow the simple steps advised by the app for your smartphone and enjoy your day with a long lasting smartphone battery.



Facebook got a billion downloads on playstore ; Facebook becomes the only non-google app to cross 1 Billion downloads

image courtesy : mshcdn.com

The undisputed king of the android has been challenged by Facebook. Facebook now has over a billion download, this makes it the only non-google app to achieve this unprecedented number.

Till now Facebook has been a milestone in social media sphere and it has the largest number of members of members than any other social media platform. Through playstore it was believed that no one can touch a billion downloads except google apps. But recent news confirms that facebook is now enjoying another ‘billion tag’ on it in app world.  After Google Maps, Youtube and Gmail, Facebook is the fourth app to achieve this height.

Story doesn’t end over here as the company’s another arm, Whatapp, is expected to see a count of billion downloads this year. With its more than 600 million active members, lets see what other mile stone Mark Zuckerberg have to mark.