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Facebook Shopping Tab : Now you can shop on Facebook without even leaving it


Google or Facebook are heavily used for marketing various products and brands, most of them being of ecommerce companies. Hence keeping this in light, Facebook has planned earlier that it will introduce a new feature which would allow Facebook users to shop on their favorite shopping site without leaving Facebook. It will be soon tested and is expected to release initially on its app.

Why mobile app?

The reason of planting this amazing option only on app is not due to the large number of users, but it is due to the three-quarters of the total revenue which Facebook drives from mobile. Another reason being the fact that largest number of online shoppers are from mobile.


According to an online post, the leading social networking site said : “On Facebook, we’ve seen that people are coming to our platform not only to connect with friends and family but also with products and brands, We want to build native experiences that make it easier for both people to discover products on mobile and businesses to drive more sales.”

The social networking giant is planning to test this new feature in coming weeks. According to the new feature, the users can “discover, share and purchase” products which they love.

How would it happen?


We have estimated the process like this – The sale on Facebook would happen in a smart way. An etailer will upload the description of product and a buy button on its Facebook page. Once the customer click on ‘Buy’ button, a name, address etc. details form would appear and a payment gateway will pop up and customers can make the purchase on it. All the transaction will go to seller but a part of it as commission would go to Facebook. The delivery and other purchase related after-sale services would be handled by the etailer itself.

It is a nice move indeed where a customer will get out of haze of drifting across app and tabs and Facebook will get revenue from ads and online transaction (maybe).

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Facebook Launched a new and lighter version : Facebook LITE


The addictive Facebook gives tigles and frustration when it does not open fast on a slow network. I mean how would it do so if companies in developing countries like India are on a continuous spree of stripping out more money for a less data and fast network (The worst part about pioneer companies in networking and communication in India).

Recently Facebook was in the news for its initiative which was taken in offense of Net Neutrality in India. This time Facebook is in news again, but for being on the brighter side. It is launching a low-resolution version of its Android app which has been specially designed in order to be more efficient on the clumsy and distorted network. The best part about this version would be that it would be lighter, smoother and would take less data than its earlier version. It currently holds a 4.3 rating.


How does this whole less data consumption happens?

Facebook lite, as a matter of fact do not present the things which you may be a bit interested in. In other words, you will be getting what you want to see and what you have subscribed to see. It would not show you a 'maybe' bit less important features like videos and nearby friend you can connect to, instead you will get only what you want to see in this amazing lite version.

Why should I download this version ?

 Well, if you have a troubled network or over expensive and overpriced data service provider then go for this version. Also, if you are not interested in cute puppy videos or celebrity dubsmash videos then go for the app. Sometimes your smartphone is so sophisticated that in order to give more details to the information and images, it churns more data, so to avoid this, this app is your key to a much simpler 'The Facebook' version. Facebook Lite is designed specially for the developing countries.

How does Facebook uses less data?


The magic flows from the concept of uploading or downloading the high resolution images to highly compressed low resolution images.

It also makes a brilliant way of using further less image by never pre-preloading the full resolution image initially.

The main way Facebook makes the app use less data is by never pre-loading full-resolution images.

Photos and link preview thumbnails in the News Feed appear a bit of low end at first. But if you do want to view then just tap on it and enjoy the full resolution. 


Why Facebook launched its Lite version?

There were three prime reasons for Facebook to do so.

See how light facebook is :fb4

1. To work on any Android phone, regardless of storage space, RAM, and CPU
2. To load fast even on 2G mobile connections and that is what 4 billion people on earth use even as of now.
3. To use as little data as possible as In 1GB data paln you can actually buy a 2GB pendrive in India. 

It will roll out today in Asia, and come to parts of Latin America, Africa, and Europe in the coming weeks. 

Download the app here


FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM DOWN !! Lizard Squad claimed responsibility..

Imagine millions of people looking for their internet connection when they cannot get their beloved Facebook in front of them. It was not an internet problem, it was not a technical glitch either but it was Facebook which suffered a short period of technical glitch. 

ping pong scam

Crazy Huh!!


By the time of writing this article the reasons were not made public but a group Lizard Squad has claimed the responsibility for the hack of the social media giants Instagram, Tinder & myspace as well. The reaction was quite obvious and the Twitter got "#facebookdown" trending in no time.

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The whole scenario took place at nearly 12:00 this noon (27th Jan) and the crazy thing about the whole melodrama was that there was one best medium left for people to express and that was Twitter and hence it was flooded with people expressing their views over the whole phenomenon.

Anyways, all well that ends well and in no time people felt relinquished from pain with the revival of their beloved platforms. wink

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook acquires video streaming company Quickfire, wish to improve video buffering experience

Social Media giant Facebook recently added a video streaming company Quickfire in to its cart. Now the payment has been done and Quickfire has been ‘Mark’ed’ wink

Mark Zuckerberg

What is QuickFire?
Well most people already use this brilliant website as a tool to quench their love of watching videos. Quickfire has the technology of converting video formats. The most fascinating feature is that it allows high quality videos to stream in less bandwidth.


The amount paid was not disclosed but looking at the love of Facebook towards its market share, it should be big. Anyways the confirmation was made through an official statement via Quickfire on their website stating :

“As part of this, some key members of our team will be joining Facebook and we will wind down our business operations,”

Video streaming and uploading has increased drastically on Facebook. In September, 2015 it gave the stats that pageviews are increasing by 50% with average 1 billion video views on Facebook each day between June, 2014 and September, 2014.

The benefit would be directly to the users as they will be experiencing a faultless video experience. Facebook has been a platform to meet, know and share thoughts and experiences among each other and Facebook is emphasizing to make the experience better and smoother. Great going Facebook. 

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