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Why year 2014 was so special for Indian Ecommerce Industry..

The day is about to get over and soon we will be entering in 2015. We have seen a lot of ups and downs in Indian Ecommerce market. Lets have a look as in what were the Hiroshima & Nagasaki’s of online shopping this year. 

We Saw a lot of Price war online


A fight to establish dominion over the market. It was a hardcore effort to grab as much as customers as needed.

Funding for Flipkart

salman-khan-shirtless-in-ready-2011_1415105675Funding gave Flipkart a few Million dollar abs wink.. time to hit Amazon & Snapdeal

Online Wedding shopping

insta_1414494491 (1)

Indian Ecommerce Industry understood the season’s demand of marriage and hence ‘Sehra & lehnga’ went online.

Everyone was dancing at GOSF 2014

laughing-1-t-series_1414411302Rs 299 store was a delight!! Read “Top 10 reasons why GOSF 2014 is the best destination for online shopping”

A bit of fall for Big Billion Day!


We all waited for Flipkart’s much awaited Big Billion Day but it turned out not as good as it was expected. Read Big Billion Day of Flipkart.. An exclusive event or an Hoax ?!!!!?

Amazon.in got straight $2 Billion as funding

perfect_landingIt was the perfect timing to hit the Indian Ecommerce market

Women Empowerment!


The shopping ratio of Women to men improved!! Also stores understood the potential and started promoting more women oriented products online.

We were serving our visitors with a lot of energy day and night just to provide them best deals online. And now our new year resolution is to work for our visitors with more passion dedication and attention. Shop Smart with FreeKaaMaal.com 


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Read how $700 million funding of Flipkart will help customers.. There may be many streams of this river of money..

Flipkart has got a funding of $700 million. It is astonishing and has increased the value of Flipkart by many folds. But the main question is that as in how it would help Indian customers in their shopping experience

1. Bye Bye to Technical Glitches

We don't want technical problem like that of in 'Big Billion Sale

13 (2)


2. Wave of Deals and coupons

But obvious!!



4. Better Delivery system
We are likely to face an error free awesome delivery system.



5. Customer Support

A better customer support dedicated to solve our query.05


6. Exclusive launches will increase
Well!! time will say.. Lets hope so. cheeky



7. More number of products to sell

More products for more customers..



8. More annoying ads on TV angry

Well this is infact true..afterall they got money to promote themselves 



Whatever amount Flipkart raises, it should be of a direct benefit to the customers. After all in the market of Retail, customer is God.

Stay Sharp & Shop Smart with FreeKaaMaal.com

Read "Flipkart gained $700 million investment, planning to beat the competition from Amazon & Snapdeal..Qatar Investment Authority is the biggest investor this time."


U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) is as awesome as gold if you digg down.. read 13 reasons to know why..

U.P., Uttar Pradesh, bhaiyaji, paan, tajmahal, eve-teasing and what not. We link U.P. with these few terms only. I have traveled through length & breadths of the nation and found U.P. as a topic of an abysmal debate for development. Here are a few traits of U.P. and its people which will make you think above your general perception. 

Down-to-earth people 

7 (6)

You will find middle class people surprisingly down to earth. They are as humble as Gandhiji, as focused as Lal Bahadur Shastri and as dedicated to their family as Bhagat Singh was to country.



A friend in need is the friend indeed. And when you need a true friend who would literally die for you, make one from U.P.

Compilation of nearly all major religion of world

4 (2)

Nearly every religion resides in peace and harmony in U.P. You will see a Hindu saying ‘Eid-mubark’ and a Muslim saying Happy Diwali. A Sikh enjoying Christmas while a Christian doing ‘seva’ in Gurudwara. We are one here. 

U.P. can endure


Motherland India has seen incompetent people engulfing the people of this north state with cruelty, exploitation and humiliation. But people have the tendency to endure and move forward.

Active enrollment in Military

2 (4)

Like Sher-E-Punjab, here people too have a heart beating for India. Indian defense has seen a very high percentage of enrollment from U.P.

A religious centroid


It is the birth place of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna.

Economical focal point 


Despite governments indulgence in vote bank politics instead of economical development, Uttar Pradesh, with a GDP of US$115 billion is in fact the fourth largest Indian state by economy.

Independence – It all started here!!

mangal pandey


Brave Mangal pandey started the Indian Rebellion of 1857 against the Britishers which escalated into Indian Independence in year 1947.

The Sugar King of India

1 (2)

India is on of the Sugar kings of the world and 70% of India’s sugar comes from Uttar Pradesh. So if you having sugar right now in your beverage, it is most probably from U.P.

Call to connect


Second most populous country of the world has the largest number of mobile subscribers in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Sonebhadra, Energy Capital of India!


Sonebhadra is referred to as the Energy Capital of India. It is a treasure for Industrial raw material.


3 (1)

World’s highest number of professionals are exported from India and India’s highest number of professional are made in U.P. with more than 30 universities, 4 central, 20 state universities, 8 deemed universities along with 1 IIM Lucknow, 2 IITs, 1 NIT in Allahabad and hundreds of industrial training institutes, polytechnics, engineering colleges. 

Backbone of Art 


First, I am not stating flying cars senseless recent Bollywood over here. I am talking about ‘art’ of music and literature and acting (Amitabh bachan). They are very much born here but have to travel to Mumbai where people know how to honor the art by it giving a large platform to perform. Jaishankar Prasad, Munshi Premchand, Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayan ‘Agyeya’, Rahul Sankrityayan, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Dharamvir Bharati, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi, Swami Sahajanand Saraswati are a few examples.

People of Uttar Pradesh are not presented properly. They are projected as over exploited yet underdeveloped. But the fact is that U.P. is the abundance of everything. My intention is not to say its better than any other states in the country instead I just want to focus on the unknwn facts of the U.P.  

Gif source Giphy.com, makeagif.com


The art of hiding..we bet you to find the hidden animals…

The prime caracterstics of the predator is to wait patiently and hunt. But to wait in a jungle you have to hide. With time, due to need, some of the animals have developed the ability to hide themselves in the ambience of the forest itself. Here are a few of the camouflage champions of the jungle world. Lets see if you can spot them.



#1 Can you spot the spider?



#2 The lion in the bush



#3 The silent owl


Camouflage-lol__880#4 This is just the begining!!


batfacedtoad1#5 There is a frog out of well!


camophlage-jaguar#6 jaguar is out for hunt. Beware!


#7 This one Sir, you have to solve…wink


animal-camouflage-examples-14#8 Eagle awaits its prey


IMG_9836#9 Make a Hisssss!!


human predator#10 And at last , the best of’em all. We, Humans.


Have a look at 10 crazy facts about facebook you may not know….

Facebook, do we need an introduction? No I guess, we all use it, it has become our marijuana, our sedative and our need. We connect through it, share through it, talk through it and sometime change the way we see the world through it.  We all love to use facebook but there is a lot we don’t know about it. There are a lot of interesting facts about this social giant. Lets see what it holds.

10) A crore likes every five minutes


This is insane!!surprise

9) 9% are fake i.d. 


Why do you even do that?

8) Taking it too personally


People have been murdered for unfriending someone on Facebook.

7) Nothing personal on facebook


Facebook track your browsing, even after you sign out.

6) Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is blind 


 Just kidding, but this genius do have a rare form of color blindness because of which he made Facebook blue.

5) Hackers try to hack Facebook accounts 6 million times every day.


Hackers trying to socialize in their own way.. 

4) Al Pacino was the first face on Facebook.


Yeah! this was the same guy….

3) Sean Parker is considered to be the brain behind the commercial success


And I thought it was Mark..

2) A blogger hired a woman to slap him every time he is on Facebook.


Employment rate??

1) You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.


This is known as unconditional love baby

Well, these are a few of facebook crazy facts. Hope you enjoyed… 

all GIFs are from here and here and here

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Here are the 10 reasons which makes Delhi winter a crazy bitch….

Winter has knocked the belly of Delhi. We have to face a near zero degree temperature and its going to be tough because of it.

 Here are a few reasons why the winter of Delhi is a crazy bitch.

1. It comes suddenly.. 



2. Viral fever comes along..and it have only one purpose..khoon chusne

3 (11)


3. We have to go immediate shopping.. "Where is my sweater, pull over,..damn I need a jacket"

5 (6)


4. its too hard to drive on a bike.. its so chilly out there that your hands feels numb..

14 (2)


5. You just need a warm place..Delhi ki sardi will make you feel sleepy..zzzzzzz



6. Morning gym takes a break… hate those who call up at 5 a.m and ask you to come along…
dude its winter, let me rest in peace.. 



7. You miss Ice-cream.."aww..my butter-scotch Ice-cream.."

2 (3)


8. Waking up out of Rajai (blanket) feels like hell



9. You have to Bath! angry



10. Still we miss it when it is gone 

5 (1)

all GIF are from  source source source

After all, its Delhi ki sardi..it won't be that easy..