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Snapdeal launches ‘Household Essential Products’ store with Free Shipping

snapdeal launched household essentials

Snapdeal launched household essential product store with Free Shipping facility. The move is made to counter the raising number of app which offers grocery and daily needed FMCG products. The store looks promising with the fact that the store is not only deliver the products for FREE but due to the fact that the rating of the sellers are really very nice.


There is a drastic flaw in the model. Snapdeal say that it will deliver the products with an estimated date of around 2-3 days under normal condition. However, Indian usage of household products do not work on this model. There are two ways in which household product shopping works in India. One – The estimation of the usage of the month and the purchase of the goods accordingly.

tide free shipping

Second – The purchase of products the moment the product being used is over. For example, If Mrs. Sharma buys and stock the products for the coming month then she knows exactly how much she needs, how much will be spent and when to buy. In this case the grocery and the household products, if bought from Snapdeal, would not only be efficient but will be very much money and time saving as well.

Suppose, if Mrs. Sharma ran out of Tide on a fine Monday morning and if she have to opt Snapdeal then it would not be a smart decision as the product would be delivered after 2-3 days and the cloth will have to wait till then, it will give some relax to Mrs. Sharma though.

Snapdeal is a very customer oriented site. Sooner or later it will solve this issue as well.

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