Germany is not just about Hitler, it is about discipline, evolution, technology and revolution

What we think when we hear of Germany in the first second? Hitler? Yes, maybe, but it is not true…here are a few of the traits which defines them

They are punctual
(they can't compromise with time.. they know that time is money & money is life)


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They are straightforward
(They don't talk double meaning or rubbish, they mean what they say)


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They are friends forever
(you have a German as a friend? Enjoy it as a blessing from God)


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They hate laziness
(they gotta do what they gotta do… its now or never)


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They modern by deeds, traditional by hearts
(brilliant of course)


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They are beer monster
(no comments wink)


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They are sober drinkers
(They know how to drink, they know how to enjoy)


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A bit too rigid about schedule
(the success mantra)


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Tech geeks
(they know technology)


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Keep personal out of professional
(when they work they work, when they enjoy they enjoy)


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They love football
(ole! ole! ole!)

German fans

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We all have a whole circle of illusion regarding Germans, but if you meet them once, you will immediately notice that they are amazing people.  

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