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Famous clothes that women love to wear

Women love to shop. And they can go to any length to find what they want to wear. This is a compilation of most sought over women wear (traditional) in India.

1) Chanderi sarees from M.P.

image courtesy : thebanarassilkemporium.com

Chanderi clothes are well favored and highly demanded. It has its dedicated following, people who love wearing comfort with style go for it.

Why it is famous

It is famous for for the deep details it holds. The design tell a story and the cloth is very comfortable.

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2) Mundu, dhoti from south


image courtesy : blogspot.com

It is a very popular in south, people wear it with pleasure and the simplicity embedded in excellency is what make Mundu a popular choice of clothes.

Why it is so famous

Well, Rajnikanth wears it, what else could I say. This is a very comfortable wear which is a symbol of tradition, heritage, proud and personality. Lungi is a close Kin.

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3) Tussar Silk saree of Jharkhand

image courtesy : thehindu.com

The tussar silk of Jharkhand has made a distinguished remark in the saree market of India. The demand is not only in India but also in other countries as well.

Why it is famous

Tussar Silk sarees etc are so famous because of the quality of the silk. Though it is handmade and beautiful but the quality of the silk is unbeatable.

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4) Bhagalpuri sarees from Bihar

image courtesy : fameofcity.com

The smooth sensation of silk made exclusivly in Bhagalpur, Bihar is something which draw thousands of people to come & visit the city so that they could get their hands on the amazing handicraft made by the people of Bhagalpur.

Why it is so famous

It is a mixture of sophistication and simplicity. The work is in fact an excellent work in itself. Apart from comfort the cloth enhances the personality.

Where to get it

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5) Muffler & Shawl from Himachal Pradesh

image courtesy : indianholiday.com

It is a seasonal sale but a sensational one. People love to come in Himachal Pradesh, not only for the elusive beautiful scenery but for the Muffler & shawl which are mostly hand made. The great embroidery is very much a definition of its beauty and the great art of crafting wool the people posses.

Why it is so famous

The wool will keep you warm. A beautiful handcrafted high quality wool will make you feel proud and keep you warm. This is the reason why people prefer to buy shawl & Muffler from Himachal pradesh. Because they know that it is skills they are buying, not a product from a logical machine.

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6) Kanjivaram Saree

image courtesy : parisera.com

Kanjivaram Saree or A Kanchipuram sari is a type of saree which is traditionally made by weavers from Kanchipuram located in Tamil Nadu, India. These are woven naturally. The Kanchipuram sari is distinguished by its wide contrast borders and beautiful embroidery. The Saree is very popular and very costly. It is highly appreciated and is wore on special occasions.

Why it is so famous

Hand made, beautiful, brilliant in quality, great design, traditional and much more are a few of lot of reasons why these sarees are famous throughout world. This is not a saree, it is a must have for a woman.

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7) Banarasi Saree


Banarsi saree is something which would make women feel like they are the personified beauty. And indeed, it is true. Women love these sarees and would pay amount of money to get that Banarsi saree satamp.

Why it is famous

Banarasi Saree is famous for its design, which is in fact made to look auspicious and party beautiful. The cloth is a bit heavy and suits well on special occassion

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8) Lehenga

Wedding Wear Lehenga - 016 - www.Fashionhuntworld.Blogspot.com

image courtesy : blogspot.com

No one can deny that this lehenga is associated with us in terms of Royal patronage, cultural inheritance which has taken shape through brilliant skills with beautiful craftsmanship. This is very much preferred not only in India but also in other countries as well. It is something which each and every women dream of wearing on her wedding. The day when, with lehenga, they look most beautiful.

What’s so famous about it

It is hand weaved and gives vibes of being a princess or a queen. More or less it is thought to be associated with Indian culture.

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There are many ecommerce websites like shopatplaces.com, fabindia.com which are dedicated for providing the clothes from their respective famous places.

All the clothes are based on the popularity they hold in India and abroad combined. If you do have something in your mind which should have been here then you are most welcome to share you views.

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