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Ecommerce in India will be a booming baby this year as well..it may grow up to $7.7 Billion in 2015

Looks like ecommerce market in India is a baby born with a silver spoon in the emerging market of India. No one could've thought of Indian buying online. The reason is – Indians are brilliant savers, they spend but they spend with all precautions while getting the best out of minimum monetary investment. When it comes to shop, Indians particularly wants to 'feel' the quality and make sure that their hard earned money is plunging into something good. 


Earlier it was said to avoid online shopping because Ecommerce cannot give a 'physical feel' that offline market can give but with time it started growing, reason is actually a bit twisted then what we presume. 

Most of us believe that ecommerce is booming because of variety of products in various categories . But in fact one of the reason is the understanding of Indian shopping behavior which these companies utilize in the best way possible. Companies work on the formula of 'loot-offer or never seen before discount" this automatically stimulate the sense of saving of Indian customers and hence they buy products, even if they do not need it.

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Other reason is the free market concept, where competition is just not within a street market but among the online retailers nation wide. This gives a fabulous opportunity to customers to grab what they are looking for at a very low price. 

According to a market research firm eMarketer, Ecommerce is expected to grow by nearly 50% to $7.7 billion this year. This was the reason for the billions of dollars of investments we saw last year and this is expected to further increase this year.

This investment brings a lot of deals and coupons for shoppers and we at FreeKaaMaal analyze the need of customers and bring the best deals at one place. 

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