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10 Hacks to Pack Travel Bags for your Next Trip

travel-offers What you need depends on whether, location, and duration among other factors. Apart from finding a sturdy bag that fits your needs, you need to pack carefully to optimize your space. Check out these 10 hacks to pack travel bags efficiently and conveniently.

1. Choose the right luggage for your trip

The size and type of bag you select, depends on your trip. Shorter the trip smaller the size of the bag. Apart from size, the luggage should be easy to carry as well. Depending on your need choose a suitcase with separate compartments for clothes, shoes, laptop, and toiletries.

2. Take Help of Packing Assistance Apps

If you prefer mobile to pen and paper there are many apps that can help with packing. Evernote is one such app. It is all about lists and you can also share lists and even set reminders. In addition to Evernote, try apps like Packing Pro, Travel list, Packpoint, etc.

3. Roll Your Clothes; Don’t Fold Them.

Apart from saving space rolling clothes helps prevent wrinkles. Shirts, tops, jeans, pants, and knitwear won’t wrinkle when rolled tightly. Blazers and skirts should be folded.

4. Use Shower Caps to keep Shoes

Use a cloth bag or laundry bag to store dirty shoes. Alternatively, you can use shower caps. The idea is to prevent dirty soles rubbing against clean clothes.

5. Pack Small Amounts of Creams & lotions

Instead of carrying the regular bottles of your cream or lotion, you can pack small amounts of these products to save space. Buying small samples is also an excellent option to pack lighter.

6. Use Packing Cubes

With these luggage organizers, you don’t have to worry much about little things getting lost. Organize clothes, toiletries, accessories, and other items into packing cubes. Using packing cubes also frees up space in your suitcase for other stuff.

7. Socks to Protect Perfume or Cologne Bottles

Give extra cushioning to breakables by tucking them inside thick socks. You need perfume or cologne bottles during your trip but there is always the fear of breaking.

8. Keep a Toiletry Bag

It is a great way to keep your stuff off the counter. Store toiletries in a separate bag. Using toiletry bags also save your clothes from toothpaste, makeup etc.

9. Pack heaviest items on the bottom of suitcase

To Keep your wheeled luggage balanced keep the heaviest items on the bottom. This is a useful hack to distribute the weight and make the suitcase roll easily.

10. Keep Fragile items in the center

By keeping all the fragile items in the center of your bag, you give them the protection needed. Mostly fragile items are also expensive you can keep at the center of clothing which acts an additional padding. Now, you are done with packing for your trip, take a look at basic travel checklist to see if you are missing something.

Basic Travel Checklist

Although you can find printable packing lists online but is recommended to write out your own. You can always take help from different packing lists online.

1) An empty water bottle

2) Travel-friendly foods Nuts, energy bars, snacks, etc.

3) A voltage adapter, if traveling internationally

4) Foldable raincoat

5) Hand sanitizer

6) Prescription medication

7) A mini-medical kit: bandages, a pain reliever, a topical analgesic, and diarrhea medication

8) Emergency Docs health insurance card, allergy list, emergency contacts.

9) For an international trip, notify your credit card company or bank of upcoming travel.

10) Pack essentials in a separate pouch

Whether you are on a leisure or business trip planning ahead helps immensely to save from the last minute hassles. Packing right is a great start to your trip. Following these simple hacks while packing saves time and space. Before planning your trip, check travel offers online to find the best deals and save money.

Underwater Restaurants

7 Magical Underwater Restaurants that will Blow your Mind!!

 Underwater Restaurants

Have you ever experience the majestic beauty of underwater aquatic life? If no, then how about spending your next vacation in an underwater hotel amid in color, life, and beauty? It’s an absolute delight to spend some time in such a serenity. This is the reason, from east to west, the craze for indulging in these unique eateries, nightclubs, and bars is huge. So, let’s find out some of these hotels which will surely work as a therapy for your mind and soul.

  • SEA, Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort, Maldives

Anantara Kihavah villas resort

So how many of us have the fantasy of exploring the underwater world of Indian ocean? If you are one of them, then Anantara Kihavah villas, located on one of the most pristine islands of Maldives is for you. The place is a beautiful combination of corals, turquoise waters, and a glorious sunset that unfold before your eyes in different ways.

  • Cargo Hold Restaurant, Durban, South Africa

Underwater Restaurants

What’s so special in Africa? The subtropical climate or the pretty beaches? Well, it’s none when compared to the spectacular experience of dining with sharks. This riveting experience is offered in cargo restaurant, which is famous for its unique and sophisticated ambiance.  Plus, with a superb view of ocean and shark tank, the experience is truly magical and worth trying.

  • The Poseidon Sea Resort, Fiji

underwater Restaurants

It’s a very popular resort for those who seek a different kind of experience. The entire resort is surrounded by water lagoons and various activities abound for adventurers. The charm of this place is unimaginable and you have to really visit to see it. The rooms are very expensive and the cost of a room for a single night is approx to $15,000 per night. However, given the experience of this magical place, it is worth experiencing.

  • Al Mahara, Dubai

Underwater Restaurants

Al Mahara, an Arabic word which is also known as “oyster shell” is simply too beautiful to pass. The restaurant is surrounded by glass from ceiling to floor that allows you to explore the colorful sea and its aquatic life form vividly. If you are here, you just can’t miss this exotic experience and the meal prepared by the team of award-winning chefs.

  • Subsix, Maldives

 Underwater Restaurants

Subsix, an underwater space at Niyama resort is submerged six meters below the water level. Also, as its formerly the only underwater nightclub, the place has widened its remit to that of “underwater playground”. Thus, in addition to exotic dining space, the resort offer space to the guest for the weddings, midnight proposals and also offer a hosted tour with the aquatic lifeforms.

  • Guinness Deep Sea Bar, Stockholm

 Underwater Restaurants

This sea bar is actually constructed under a submarine and is only one of its kind. The submarine is located in the Baltic sea in the Stockholm archipelago. The bar was created to mark the occasion of the 250th anniversary and is an absolutely riveting experience.

  • Red Sea Star, Eilat, Israel

Underwater Restaurants

This pristine underwater space is situated at the coral reefs of Eilat. The hotel is bifurcated in two sections, the one above is the metro bar which renders a beautiful sight of Gulf of Aqaba and the below is a restaurant.  In the night, the coral gardens around the restaurant are illuminated with the lights that enhance the beauty of the space without disturbing the ecosystem. Further, to give the guest an ultimate charm, every table has two windows, first at its side and second to the above.

A place with coral-like chandeliers, aquatic toned mood lighting, and clam shaped bar is something we all desire to visit. If you always dream to dinner at such a place, these resorts are a perfect option to win the chance. You can find direct flights to the places and then head for these majestic destinations. To get a discount on tickets visit Goomo and get a super saving deal to anywhere and everywhere and explore the underwater beauty.

safari trip

10 Most Trending Women Outfits Perfect for a Safari Trip

safari trip

Nowadays, it’s very easy to book your safari trip with just few clicks, but there is one thing which still disturbs many tourists, especially women.  It’s the clothing! Precisely due to the fluctuating weather in the jungle throughout the year. No matter in which season are you traveling, the morning and night is usually bit cool and the afternoon is hot and humid. Hence, picking the right clothing is an essential to enjoy every shade of the forest. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with those combat trousers. In fact, with diverse new styles and collections, it has become pretty simple to shine in trendy outfits. You can grab latest women outfits with tempting Jabong coupons at a discounted price. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • One Shoulder Printed Silk Crepe Dress

safari trip

The afternoon safari tours are dominated by an extremely hot and humid weather. As a result going for a full-length outfit can make you wrap the safari soon. Thus, a summer airy dress is perfect which can be paired with a light shrug to avoid the tanning.

  • Maxi Dress

safari trip

There’s nothing better than flaunting your beauty in that vacay-ready maxi dress. It’s a perfect way to shine in a hot afternoon. While selecting a trendy piece you must opt for a V-neck, sleeveless and fixed shoulder strap.

  • Army Shirt Dress

safari dress

Can you recall those safari inspired army shirt dresses? No, this style is not old! A collared, Unlined and front zipper shirt dress, surely deserves a place in your backpack. You may also add a belt to enhance its style quotient.

  • Safari Cotton Dress

Safari dress

Inspired by historic military design, a camel-brown safari cotton dress is particularly very easy to carry on such a trip. Being designed with long sleeves, button down front, and mini length hemline, these pieces are practical yet give you that chic look.

  • Flirty Slit Dress

safari trip

A safari trip is not only about a jungle tour, but also about relaxing and enjoying in a beautiful resort. Thus, opting for a slit dress is great to throw a fabulous fashion statement while enjoying the natural surroundings.

  • Cold Shoulder Shift Dress

jabong coupons

Wearing a dress with flirty cold shoulder cutouts seems to be a bang on option for that customary bonfire. Don’t forget to combine a neck piece with this gorgeous dress to uplift the style.

  • Shorts with Cool Shirts

safari dress

A pair of chino shorts seems mandatory when heading for a safari trip. As many times you can expect to climb in and out of the safari vehicle for a light walk or for those brilliant shots. Thus, chino shorts are great for walking safaris.

  • Safari Skirt

safari trip

A skirt with a straight cut along with cargo pockets is in trend since ever. These are one of the traditional outfits worn by women for jungle safari. Being 100% in cotton, such assorted skirt is perfect for a long day in the jungle.

  • Neutral Color Tank Tops

safari trip

Tank tops are a great wear which can be complemented with any pair of denim and skirt. Also, the best way to get close to the wildlife is by blending with the surrounding shades. Hence, opting for neutral colors like green, brown and khakis is great to not attract any wildlife attention.

  • Safari Jackets

safari trip

Practical and stylish women’s jackets are extremely versatile for a jungle safari. Especially if you are not hunting or walking in the dense bush. These can be perfect for those cozy chilly early morning outings.

These are some of the dresses which are stylish and yet practical for a safari trip. However, going for some light accessories will just make them perfect. So grab trendy pieces online and save money with latest fashion accessories offers.


10 Most Popular Budget Destinations in India


India has some of the best destinations to spend your weekend on a budget. It is no different from any other country. You can enjoy the beauty of these places and that too on a low budget. Choosing the correct place is a must! Here are some of the best destinations you can choose from next time you want to explore the traveller in you. Opt for ultimate Yatra offers to visit anywhere in India in low budgets. India is a paradise with vivid and unique places where you would definitely have a good time.

1. Pondicherry

travel offer

A French colonial settlement in India, this union territory has some of the best beaches and french cuisines. If you are in a mood not to spend a rupee, then you must definitely opt to stay at the Aurobindo Ashram that offers free lodging and fooding as well as teachings of the Mother Mirra Alfisa and yoga. Also, if you are in a party mood, this places offers some of the lowest priced alcohol.

2. Itanagar

travel offers

Situated at the foothills of Himalaya this place offers some of the best sights of mountains, forests, hills and greenery. In this place, you will find complete peace and relaxation. The homestays are budget friendly and the locals help you out with it. One of the best places in the North East India that are worth Visiting.

3. Ooty

travel offers

Available at bulks, this place has chocolates all over. They have chocolates of different kinds from liquored to cocoa buttered. They have them at unbelievably lower rates. Also, we cannot forget to mention the weather! They have such pleasant and breezy weather, you would want to escape to Ooty right now!

4. Kasol

travel offers

This place situated in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh has some of the best prices of hotels and easy accesses. And if you book through us you can get further Expedia discounts. It has some of the best sights with food so affordable.

5. Pushkar

travel offers

Being one of the ancient cities in Rajasthan, this place is the perfect destination for lake bathing and camel fair. Whether it’s lodging, food, camel rides or some good bhaang lassi, Pushkar is there to sort you out with a bargain.

6. Darjeeling

travel offers

For all the chai lovers, Darjeeling has the highest quality and lowest priced world famous chai. With a breathtaking view of the tea gardens on the mountains and hills, it is the best place to visit on a summer weekend. They have some of the warmest hotels and lodges that will never burn a hole in your pocket.

7. Mcleodganj

travel offers

Built among the Tibetans, this place is one of the suburbs of Dharamshala. If trekking is on your mind, you must definitely visit McleodGanj, especially in this hot weather to experience a natural serenity and complete relaxation. They have some of the most delicious Tibetan food and pancakes.

8. Ajanta

travel offers

Just spend 500 bucks and enjoy a complete exploration of the Ajanta and Ellora caves that too with a guide. The travel to this place is affordable and budget friendly. You get to experience the ancient wonders and learn about these caves.

9. Gokarna

travel offers

Gokarna is situated in the beaches of Karnataka and has some of the renowned Shiva temples. This place is apt for hippies who want to experience an ultimate peace of mind and calmness. A popular budget friendly resort is situated right on the banks of the Om beach. This place ha some of the most affordable alcohols.

10. Goa

travel offers

Being one of the most popular destinations in India, Goa has been an ultimate tourist place. You get to avail the luxuries of Goa in a budget as well. There are numerous budget accommodations in Goa available in shacks and home stays. Enjoy a complete experience of the beach life in Goa by relaxing or just going for a swim.

Book your next Holiday Tickets by availing amazing MakeMyTrip coupons through FreeKaaMaal. There is no better way to travel other than the deals and discounts you can avail at the best prices here. Make use of them for an ultimate travel experience.


10 Coolest Travel Hacks That Can Save Your Time, Space and Money


Travelling is a big thing for huge number of people set out on every year whether locally of globally . Travelling is an brings you an altogether different experience whether it’s sweating the small stuff or promising to get out there and meet new people upon returning home.All things considered, with every one of the advantages of travel come to a few stress triggers that can obstruct on the travel involvement for nearly anybody, yet you don’t need to let those destroy your trip. So, here’s a list of 10 coolest travel hacks that saves your money, time and space .

1. When booking flights and hotels online enable private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before.


 2. Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding.


3. Wrap headphones around a binder clip to prevent them from tangling.


4. Use belts to line collars to keep them crispy.


5. Keep hair clips handy in Tic Tac containers.


6. If you forget your wall plug, you  can charge devices through the USB slot on a TV.


7. Fold your soap in a wash cloth.


8. Glass cases are perfect for chargers and cables.


9. Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and to reduce static .


10. To reduce wrinkling in folded clothes, use tissue paper .


We hope these hacks will help you in making your travelling experience a better one. Also don’t forget to get these amazing travel deals on to save those extra money.



7 Best Adventure Camps near Delhi NCR


When we are in Delhi, and wants to satisfy our quench of adventure, we generally bump into the route taken often , like Shimla, Manali, Nanital etc. Somehow for someone looking adventure, clean fresh air, usual routes don’t interest them as these mainstream has become kind of fish market and way too commercialised but little peace to offer.

If you really want to rejuvenate & get revitalise yourself over the weekend & perhaps a day or two off,and looking for some leisure and adventure it would be better staying in a village in the outskirts of these towns or heading out to the adventure camps which offers the required adrenaline rush. One can grab enough picturesque shots & clean air to get going. My unsatisfied quench recently led me to some places I consider to be better travelling options than the more commercial ones.

Here are 7 best little known and unexplored adventure camps near Delhi NCR

1. Adventure Desert Camp, Pushkar – 420 kms


Pushkar desert camp is 9 kilometres. far from Pushkar town. Pushkar village is surrounded by Arravali hills . It is among the semi sand dunes. The beautiful sight and sound not only provide immediate pleasure to visitors they leave indelible impression on his /her mind. The sight of tress, mountain and desert refreshes the mind and move efficiency than before sunset time looks very attractive and beautiful awesome. In the morning chirping of birds feeling a nature noise this the movement give real feeling of internal peace ,joy and charm in desert .

2. Kangojodi (Sirmour District)- 275 kms


The distance is quite unbeatable for a weekend retreat for Delhi-ites at 275 kms. Before choosing this destination for setting up a nature retreat/offbeat adventure campsite, we traveled long distances & found none as good as this one. Opting from more than 39 other competitive destinations for the perfect weekend getaways near Delhi, this choice was a little tough to come by. The Pine forests here are lush green with comfortable temperatures all year round. There’s enough to do at Camp Roxx if you’re planning a trip with either your friends or family. Choose from adventure activites, a trek to the top of the mountain for splendid views or just plain lazying around at the natural stream at the campsite. 

3. Camp Mustang, Manesar, 56 kms


Camp Mustang is located near Delhi and is easily accessible with just an hour’s drive from Delhi. Surrounded by the wilderness of the Aravalli Hills range and countryside farms in the backdrop, Camp Mustang provides an ideal destination for Day adventure picnics, Day outing, One day picnic spot, Corporate and family events, Team Building Programs, Friends and Family outing and various other activities to enjoy.Spread over 8 acres of lush green farm, Camp Mustang is a refreshing and offbeat alternate option for resorts around Delhi. Activities include Rock Climbing, Trekking, Air Rifle Shooting, Zorbing, Farming, Cycling, Obstacle Course, Team Building Activities, Village walks, Rocketry and Astronomy.

4. Camp Wild, Dhauj , Faridabad , 50 kms


One of its kind adventure camp “CAMP WILD at Dhauj” near Mangar village on the border of Gurgaon & Faridabad, offers 7 Eco-Lodges and 12 Safari tents spread over 12 acres of land. By WILD, we mean “Wilderness at Lake Dhauj. Camp Wild is also popularly known as Dhauj Camp. As the best adventure camp near Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, it offers host of activities such as Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Flying fox, River crossing, Cliff jump, Zorbing, Cycling, Raft Building, low rope obstacle course, lots of team building games etc. The camp has been featured magazines such as “Time Out”, Outlook Traveller, Hindustan Times & TV channels such as French National Television, CNN IBN, CNBC, NDTV Metro, NDTV Good Times etc.

5. Awara Adventure Camp, Sohna, 35 kms


Awara farm is located at Aravali Retreat, Raisana village for which one has to pass from the beautiful tikli village to Badshapur in Gurgaon, sohna road which is 5kms from Rajiv Chowk. Nestled among the gorgeous Aravali Hills, the farm provides a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities. It hosts activities like Burma bridge, suspension bridge, commando net, zip line, parallel rope, tire wall, Tarzan swing, balance walk, and paint ball to name a few .

 6. Camp Wildex, Rishikesh , 279 kms


Wildex offers activities for enhancing growth, self-confidence and a desire for a greater involvement. Most of these activities are conducted according to particular group be it individuals, families, students or corporate. From discovering hidden waterfalls, climbing and rappelling down foothills of the great Himalayas to rafting down the River Ganga, Camp Wildex offers it all.

 7. Camp Kalsi, Bhimtal , 311 kms


Camp Kalsi is a beautiful campsite situated on the banks of the mountain stream KALSA in Chanfi near Padampuri 30 Kms from Nainital, Uttarakhand ( India). The stream breaks out from the hills just around the corner, and flows along the campsite, filling it with its bubbling melody. It is a place where one can truly relax and be one with nature. Camp Kalsi is located amongst acres of terraced farms, with the backdrop of hills and Pine forests. The campsite is located at a height of 6700 feet above the sea level and has often been called “a piece of heaven on the earth”.









5 Reasons to go on a Solo trip once in lifetime

Solo Travel gif

When is doubt travel it out , when in a bigger doubt go solo . Solo travelling can become a life changing experience and leads to a journey of self discovery.  Everyone in their life time should come out of their comfort zone and venture out on one single solo trip of a lifetime .

1. Journey of self discovery :

Travelling alone and out of your comfort zone teaches you so much which you haven’t discovered otherwise . meditation gif

source :

2 Master of your own itinerary

Ever cribbed because your friends cancelled the trip you wanted to go for so long .You are in control of your own journey. You don’t have to follow a road map or wait for your squads approval .

Planning gifs


3. Managing your budget

You have the freedom to spend your money by your own and wherever you want to . No more bill splits , no more compromises .

money gif


 4. Messy Hair, I don’t care

You don’t have to dress to impress . You can be all comfortable in your favourite pair of shorts n sneakers .

messy hair gif


5. Adventure stories to tell

After your trip you’ll create endless memories and will definitely brag about your adventures to your friends. adventure gif


When you get good at travelling alone , you’ll stop waiting for someone to take you to the vacations and no more crying for the cancelled trips by your friends . It’s time to pack your bags and hit the road .

Ola offline

Ola offline : Internet connection is not needed to book a cab

Ola offline

One of India’s most popular taxi aggregator, recently launched an Offline feature for its user.  This new feature would allow the users to surf through the Ola App to book a cab without internet. The launch of this feature from Ola would be available in 4 metro cities as of now. The launch will be, if not, a test to check the compatibility  of the whole offline spectrum of this feature. If successful, the featured would be then escalated to all the 102 cities where the company operates as of now. Ankit Bhati, CTO & co-founder of the company, said that the feature was piloted in several smaller markets like Indore and Nagpur, and saw significant acceptance among the consumers in these cities over the past few weeks. The key feature of this new add-on would be the availability to book a cab while being offline on your smartphone.

Why this feature?

The most important question here is that why the company has launched such a feature? Well, to answer that, we have to look at the problem which people have while booking a cab for themselves. A large part of smartphone internet users run their phones on wi-fi, however, to book an Ola, one must have a data package on their phone. So, the solution was to provide the offline feature. This is also a solution to the people who are out of their internet data package while booking out for a cab via Ola.

About Ola :

ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., operating under the trade name Ola, is an Indian online transportation network company. Ola was founded as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, but is now based out of Bangalore.

It was founded on 3 December 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal (currently CEO) and Ankit Bhati. As of 2014, the company had expanded to a network of more than 200,000 cars across 100 cities. In November 2014, Ola expanded to incorporate autos on-trial basis in Bangalore. Post the trial phase, Ola Auto expanded to other cities like Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad and Kolkata starting December 2014. In December 2015, Ola expanded its auto services in Chandigarh, Indore, Jaipur and Guwahati, Visakhapatnam. Ola is valued at $5 billion as of September 2015.

source source

Good Move Ola..!

Lake Sameranger

10 Incredible Images you won’t believe are real

Here are 10 beautiful and Incredible images which you would not believe are real. Have a look.

#1 A forest after an accident at an aluminium plant in Hungary

A forest after an accident at an aluminium plant in Hungary


#2 Baatara Gorge Waterfall

Baatara Gorge Waterfall


#3 Buddhist monks

Buddhist monks


#4 The Camouflage clothing

Camouflage clothing


#5 “Hey, who the Hell are you boy?”

Fish Shock

#6 Lake Sameranger ; The water is so clear, it looks like as if this diver is flying.

Lake Sameranger


#7 Mandrill portrait

Mandrill portrait


#8 Son Doong Cave in Vietnam, with the echo of the great nature

Son Doong Cave in Vietnam


#9 The face of an iceberg

The face of an iceberg


#10 The North Korean military and No, it is not photoshopped.

The North Korean military


#Bonus Image ; Zhangjiajie National Park, China (The inspiration for Avatar movie)

Zhangjiajie National Park, China

image source

luxury plane trip

Travelling on the most luxurious plane in the world

Ever wondered how would it be to fly through the most luxurious plane in the world? To quench the curiosity and to excite a dream, here are a few glimpse of Etihad Airways‘s one of its А380 airplanes.

A little more than a year ago, the company slightly modified the livery it used on its planes. The first plane to get a new lick of paint was one of Etihad’s A380s — instead of the flag and coat of arms of the UAE, a decorative triangle pattern appeared on its tail fin.

The airbus А380 has two floors, with four classes of seating: economy class, business class, first class and ’residence’ class. The latter, luxury places are located on the upper floor of the plane.

The residence suites for two people are located to the right of the staircase. With an area of 12 square metres, they have three entire rooms — a living room (which doubles as a dining space and a mini-cinema), a bedroom, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. The passengers in these suites are looked after by staff who have been on a special training course at London’s Savoy hotel.

A trip in one of these suites from Abu Dhabi to London costs around 77,000 UAE dirhams (about $21,000). The tickets are virtually sold out a year in advance.

The bedroom with its full-sized double bed.

The suite for a first-class passenger is a little ’simpler’: it has an area of around five square metres. A ticket for the same Abu Dhabi-London route costs between 31,000 and 36,000 UAE dirhams ($8,400 — $9,800).

In this class, the partition between suites can be partially slid back near the cabin windows to allow people to talk to their neighbours. To avoid any misunderstandings, however, it can’t be slid back all the way.

This is the restroom in first class, complete with bathroom tiles and a marble wash basin.

Now on to business class. Every passenger has their own partitioned-off area, in which the seat can be turned into a bed at the push of a button.

Each passenger is provided with free socks, ear plugs, a tooth brush, a comb and other high-quality travel accessories.

In the tail of the aircraft, on the upper floor, there’s a small bar with comfy couches for business-class passengers.

The lower floor is home to the economy-class places. At long last, even this class of seat has been provided with cushions and pillows to make the journey more comfortable.

The area next to the emergency exits in economy class.

The kid’s dinner sets.

The pilots’ cabin.

There’s also a place for crew members to get some rest just behind the pilot’s cabin. It has a bunk and a chair, and enough space for pilots and cabin crew to take a nap in comfort.

Image : source Photographs by Marina Lystseva