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Upcoming Events in Delhi NCR – Witness Great Food, Great Artist, and Great Shopping

upcoming events Are you bored of watching mindless entertainers that drop every Friday? If yes, then there is a whole lot of good for you which is coming up especially if you live in Delhi NCR Region. How? Because there will be endless events that will be conducted at different venues in the region. In these events, you can witness some really great people, great food, and great artists. Overall, it is going to be a fuller life experience for you to the core. Also, you can book tickets for all these event on BookMyShow and save money using BookMyShow Promo codesBelow we have mentioned some great events that will take place in the coming time. Below we have mentioned some of the great Upcoming Events in Delhi NCR region in the coming time

1.On Demand ! with Guptaji

image2  Date: 27th November 2018 Venue: Canvas Laugh Club: Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.400 onwards How come most of the engineers turn great comedians and well Appurv Gupta is one among those. He is in the Comedy circle from a long time. The first time I saw him was in the “The Rising Stars of Comedy” which aired on NDTV. This time the famous Gupta Ji is coming with all his best pieces on audience demand. Trust me, if you like a little satire with a great combo of observation, this guy will make you drool on the floor.

2. Sunday Brunch with Saarthak Sachdeva

image3Date:  25th November 2018 Venue: 38 Barracks: New Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.804/- Come and enjoy your Sunday brunch at 38 Barracks with the best meals serving only for you. 38 Barracks is a concept Restaurant where everything has been inspired by the Military. Although, not just that because the good part of it is yet to be explored. Yes, be ready to get serenaded by great cover songs by Saarthak Sachdeva. He is an upcoming singer who has a great voice. He has a couple of pieces on Youtube. In case, if you are still inquisitive about this particular part of the deal then do check him out personally.

3. The Copycats - Hard Rock Cafe

image4  Date: 25th November 2018 Venue: Hard Rock Cafe: Gurgaon Ticket Prices: Rs.500 Onwards If you like to witness some really great soft melodic rock songs then this is surely the place for you. These guys have posted some really great work of artists like Bee Gees, Maroon 5, Porcupine Tree, and many more. The main lead of the band Prabhjot Singh is a great vocal artist followed by his great band member who sets the mood right. This is one show you don’t like to miss if you want to witness some great progressive as well as acoustic rock unplugged sets.

4. Abhijit Ganguly Live 2.0

image5 Date: 23 November 2018 Venue: Canvas Laugh Club: Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.349 Onwards If you follow the comedy circle in India on Youtube then you may have seen him. He is funny and well is often known as Handsome Bengali Bappi Lahiri. The guy has a decent amount of content on Youtube. Therefore, you can check for yourself whether he is good or not. Although, I have enjoyed all of his sets thoroughly. So if you are ready to get tickled this coming Friday then book your seats now.

5.Gaurav Kumar Presents Sab Scam Hai

image6 Date: 25 December 2018 Venue: Canvas Laugh Club, Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.349 Onwards The only one can throw 100 chutkulas per minute, I know this one seems like an exaggeration but he is good. His Royal Enfield set was his best work till date as per my thoughts. Although, you can have your favorite one. This time he is coming to Noida with his new 1-hour set “Sab Scam Hai”. Therefore make sure not to miss him as he is going to tickle your funny bone.

6. Snap Episode Four - Biswa, Kunal Kamra, Raghav Mandava

image7 Date: 23rd December 2018 Venue: Sirifort Auditorium: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.590 Onwards If you have heard the famous saying by two of the most appreciated Stand-up Artists in India which are “Aye Tatti Tera Naam Kya hai??” and “Desh Ke Jawan Siachen pe Ladh rahe hain then you are surely in for a treat. I am a hardcore fan of Biswa Kalyan Rath since the inception of Pretentious Movie Reviews. Although, how can I decide just one favourite when you got Kunal Kamra in the house performing for you. Both of these artists have a great following on Youtube and if for some reason you don’t know Biswa, you know nothing Jon Snow about the Indian Comedy Scene.

7.Riders Music Festival

image8 Date: 22nd December 2018 Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Gate No.2, Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.750/-  The Riders Music Festival is about to happen next month in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi. Therefore be ready to witness some of the best musicians, Artists, that will be there showcasing their talent. The list of artists that will be performing live there is Lucky Ali, Divine, Nucleya, BB ki Vines, Shirley Setia, and Mame Khan + Burudu. This is a once in a while opportunity to witness some great mammoths in the industry.

 8.Parvaaz - Thursday Live !!!

image9 Date: 22nd November 2018 Venue: Hard Rock Cafe: Gurgaon Ticket Prices: Rs.750 Onwards Parvaaz is a band of great potential but that is entirely my take on them. I’ve listened to a couple of songs by them while “Beparwah” and “Lolmatlai” being my absolute favourite. The band has an influence from a lot of progressive as well as international rock. Although, the unique part about them is the rootedness of their music. As a band, they excel in their repo and have been maintaining it since their first single. If you are into listening some good and authentic music then this one is a recommendation among the lot.

9.Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai - Karunesh Talwar 

image10 Date: 02 December 2018 Venue: Bipin Chandra Pal Bhavan Auditorium: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.499 Onwards I am a comedy addict and coming to know about Karunesh Talwar is the byproduct of it. I was bored and was strolling through Youtube for something decent enough to watch. He just blew my mind. The guy has excellent delivery and will make you see things in his own way. He is someone who won’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to tickle your funny bone. He calls himself single AF and while he is doing nothing all day his favourite boredom killer is lying down.

10.The B.Y.O.H Food Fest

image11 Date: 23rd December 2018 Venue: Ansal Plaza Mall: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.99 Onwards Bring Your Own Hunger is a food fest that is about to happen next month during the Christmas Season. The fest will be covering all the best foods from streets or anywhere for you to have and satiate your palate. The fest will be ON for almost three days where you can witness a wide variety of foods. Also, two of the best Punjabi singers will be performing live during the event. Therefore, be ready for some great food and Music.

11. Siddhu Moosewaala Live Performing

image12 Date: 23rd December Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.750 Onwards Be ready to dance on the voice of Sidhu Moosewala. He entered the industry with his single “So High”. In a very short span of time, the artist has got great attention and is currently living inside everyone’s playlist. Sidhu will be performing for a LIVE audience next month. He is a popular name in the Punjabi industry. Therefore, don’t forget to miss this piece of a gem.

12.Lucky Ali - Performing Live

image14 Date: 23 November 2018  Venue: Imperfecto Logix Noida Ticket Prices: Rs.2000 Onwards If you haven’t listened to Lucky Ali then you have experienced one thing less in life. Lucky Ali for me is an artist which redefines the word nostalgia. I was a kid when I used to listen to him on MTV. A lot of people still follows him ,dear , heartedly and cherishes all his golden work. The artist has a lot of reputation in his craft. Besides being the son of Late Mehmood he stood out and made a name of his own. If you are his fan then this is your chance to witness him in closure as he will be performing live in Imperfecto Ruin Pub, Noida.

 13. Honorable Mention - 38th India International Trade Fair 2018

 trade-fair Date: 19th November - 27th November 2018 Venue: Pragati Maidan: Delhi Ticket Prices: Rs.40 Onwards This will be the 38th time the India International Trade Fair will be conducted. It is a great opportunity for the trading community to showcase their product. Traders from all over the nation aggregate here to promote their product. On one hand the traders get the chance of showcasing something they have and on the other hand, we get to know about something new or something exquisite. Here you can buy anything that to at the cheapest price possible. Therefore, don’t miss this opportunity especially if you are looking for some great fabric or home decor.

amazon package

Why Amazon Ships You Small Items into Huge Boxes?

This happens to every Amazon customer once in a while,You will get a bigger box of your small order which is Almost filled with brown paper with that tiny item that you have ordered.

amazon package

Well, It is not any sort of conspiracy to charge you more for shipping by giving you that huge package.There are some valid reasons why Amazon provide you the bigger box for that small size items.



Sellers input the wrong product dimension:-  

In amazon warehouse, the packaging of the products is done by automation. It means that Human employee or the seller have to input the dimensions of the item and robots will use the box,tape and brown paper for packing, according to the size of the product.In some cases sellers send the wrong input of dimensions by mistake and robots pack the product in bigger boxes.

Wrong box allocation:-

When small boxes are allocated to robots for packing, human packers get the bigger boxes and in that case there is nothing that they can do.So human employees pack the item in bigger boxes.

Even if they want,human packers can not change the boxes,because before stacking
The boxes in truck, they are checked to make sure that the box allotted to the employee
Is same as the one used.

Amazon Fulfillment Center running out of stock:-

Sometimes the warehouse/fulfillment center of amazon also runs out of stock that means the small packages are on short supply,but they have lots of order to deliver on time. So in that case remaining stock is used to pack the order and to deliver it on time.

The puzzle game while stacking the parcel for delivery-

It is difficult to deliver the products safely to the customer, especially when the shipping of the product is by road.In order to do the same, packers have to play tetris(puzzle game) while stacking the boxes in delivery truck so that no empty space is left.So in this case the large box can be used to pack the order so that the whole consignment can be delivered safely.




flipkart big billion day sale

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale – Time to go on Shopping Spree

flipkart big billion day sale

The whole country is suffering from the inflation and high prices of products. But with the Flipkart Big billion day sale you don’t have to spend any extra for your shopping. Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce sites and its sale would commence from 20th September and go on until 24th September.  With this sale, there would lightning deals across various categories of products.

What is New this year ???

The theme of this year’s Flipkart sale is Anti-inflation and their slogan is “ Ab mehengaai Giregi” (now the inflation will go down). To get the attention of more buyers there would be no cost EMI option and product exchange offers on numerous items. There would be a flat 10% off on SBI debit and Credit cards on the purchase of minimum 1500 rupees. The sale on fashion, TV furniture and home appliances would commence from 20th September while for mobile phones, electronics and accessories the sale would begin from 21st September. It would be the first time that the sale would go up to 90% across numerous categories. The more focus would be on a better user interface and satisfaction of the customers. Not only this you can download the Phone Pe app to get additional 10% cashback on your purchase.

flipkart big billion day sale

Can’t-do without fashion??… Shop with Diwali sale

Who doesn’t want to look trendy and fashionable during the festive season? With Flipkart Big Billion day sale you can get up to 90% off on various fashion products. Be it Kurti, saree, churidar, palazzo, Men’s apparel, footwear, sunglasses, handbags, everything would be available at a really amazing price. There would be more than 30 lakh fashion items under the price of 499, discounts on more than 500 brands, flash fashion sale hours that will provide you with new discount every hour and more other offers like these. If you are someone who likes to shop for branded products than too you would be in luck as you could avail huge discounts on brands like Puma, Lee, Adidas, Vero Moda,  jack n jones, Skechers, forever 21, W, Miss chase, United colors of Benetton, Wrangler, Peter England, and so much more. flipkart big billion sale

 Increase your expectations…. not your bill !!!

We all have some items that we think of buying later and that later never comes due to many reasons. Well now is the time to get the hang of all those things as this Flipkart Diwali sale is going to leave you mesmerised with the price drops. So, download the Flipkart app, add your desired items to the wish list and as the clock strikes 12 on 20th September get on with your shopping. Just follow this drill and enjoy the insane deals.

 What more….?

With FreeKaaMaal you can stay updated with the best deals across numerous categories. Whether you want to shop for Television sets, Air conditioners, refrigerators, Washing machine, or other products you can avail the best offers on these items.

amazon sale, flipkart sale

On this Diwali Save More with Online Shopping

amazon sale, flipkart sale Diwali holds a special place in our hearts. It is the day when we decorate our homes with beautiful lights, rangoli and buy new home decor items to make our house look the best. From a kid to a grandparent everyone is excited during the entire festival. Pooja, fireworks, diya, sweets, delicious dishes they all are the essential element of this occasion. All the buying of gifts lights, crackers, furnishing items makes our work hectic, time taking and leaves us tired. But with the online stores, you can leave all these worries behind. With this platform, it just takes some browsing, selecting, billing and your product gets delivered right at your doorstep. Through the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale, you can avail huge discount on your Diwali shopping.

amazon great indian festival sale

Shop with Best Brands during the Festival

When you go out for Diwali shopping there are so many obstacles that you have to face. Firstly every place becomes more and more crowded during the festive season. So, you have to stay stuck in long traffic then struggle to find a parking space. After this go through the heavy crowd and if you are not satisfied with the product then you have to go through the same process with another shop. Well, to save you all the trouble online stores provide you with an insanely wide variety of products that can be enjoyed sitting right at our homes. You can choose your favourite website from Ajio, Abof, Zivame, Flipkart, Amazon, FabAlley, Freecharge, Koovs, Paytm, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Dominos, Pepperfry, Limeroad and so much more. During the festival these stores also give heavy discounts to delight the consumers. So you can also save more with the online shopping. We all know how time taking the cleaning gets during the festival time but, can you believe that you can even order a cleaning service online. Housejoy is one such site that offers professional cleaning service for houses. This will make your house shine without you wasting any time or efforts. We also need to shop for new clothes, accessories, lights, home decor items etc. and as the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale are here you can save up to 90% on your orders.

flipkart big billion day sale

This Diwali Shop More with Less Investment

We all have an item that we have been looking to buy for a long time but due to the money or time constraint we delay or cancel the purchase. This time the Diwali deals would flash for various products that need some investment. Television sets, electronics, smartphones, furniture they all can be bought with huge discounts during the sale. FreeKaaMaal is a site which will give you all the amazing offers from big e-commerce giants so you don’t have to look for deals from every other website. Just go to the homepage select your category and enjoy the best deals on them. So, what are you waiting for, make this Diwali memorable by shopping your heart out using the Diwali deals.

flipkart big billion sale

Get Ready for the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale


flipkart big billion sale

Flipkart is back with yet another bumper sale on this Diwali with crazy deals and offers. The sale will commence from 20th sept and will last by 24th of the month. During this 5 days long sale,  the products will be offered at a slashed prices. However, as it’s the fourth edition, Flipkart sale is not limited to only slashed prices. In fact, they have come up with several other perks and benefits to woo the customers. This includes Zero interest rate on EMIs, debit card EMIs cash back offers and many other deals. It’s the best time to buy any kind of product at a lowest price. From sofa to shampoo, you can grab an amazing deal from its large inventory.

Finally, it’s the time of the year when you can cart all the products from your wishlist. So let’s not waste any time and take a quick preview of the offers and discounts on the top categories.

Deals on Electronics

Flipkart is creating a buzz by announcing the sale up to 90% on all electronic items. This means, be it the TV, laptop, or home theatre, you can grab anything at an unimaginable price with Flipkart big billion days sale. So if you are looking to make a purchase on any electronic item then there could be no better time to swipe your card.

Saving on Mobiles

With the band of 500+ offers crafted only for mobile sets, Flipkart is offering huge discounts and exchange offers. Also, all the popular brands like Vivo V7, iPhone, Samsung galaxy, oppo and much more are on the panel. This means you can choose any brand of mobile this Diwali without getting worried about the budget.

Discount on Fashion Wears

Be it the clothing, accessories or footwear, no festive season is complete without a trendy and stylish fashion wear. Moreover with up to 60% off on all international brands like Forever21, Aeropostale, and others, grabbing fashion clothes this season is very easy. Apart from the clothes, the purchase of the footwears also come as a bonus. One can easily expect a 50% off on footwears from Peter England, Provoque, and Jealous21. Whereas on sports shoes the off can be availed up to 80% and on all trendy accessories the offer is up to 90%.

Offer on Home Furniture’s

Decorating home space with new furnishing is the biggest highlight of the festive eve, especially on Diwali. So Flipkart has come up with 40 to 80% off on all the home and furniture products.This means you can save a lot on the purchase of Sofas, recliners, beds, dining table and much more. Further on kitchen and other appliances, you can find a discount up to 65%.  So whether it’s Iron, chimney, split AC or refrigerator, amazing offer is laid on nearly every product in this category.

 Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2017 is Huge!

flipkart big billion sale

It seems that Flipkart is in no mood to stop with a big band of lucrative deals and offers rather the brand wants to move a step further. Thus, its other perks include great offers and discounts on wallet and cards. So, for instance, an SBI card holder can get an instant 10% discount while paying the bill with SBI debit and credit card. Similarly, one can expect no cost EMIs on Bajaj Finserv and credit cards. Plus, Flipkart is also holding many cash back scheme exclusively from the above offers.

This is just a sneak peek on what a consumer can expect with the upcoming mega sale offers. However, for all other deals and offers, Flipkart web page needs to be visited. Also, there are many pre-sale offers and contest for the customers which are LIVE on the site. So hurry up and don’t miss this amazing deal.

online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts

10 Ways to Make your Valentine Feel Special

online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine giftsReady to smitten your partner all over again ? For some Valentine’s Day is simple, fun and, believe in inexpensive gestures to make it special and for others it is the lavish, out of the box, way of celebrating the evening. The most romantic season is here. February is the month of celebrating love, to work on making the bond stronger. The feeling of love makes us do wonders, making our significant other feel special becomes our duty. This 14th February take undue advantage of Valentine’s Day Sale going on. Based on your partner’s likes and dislikes you can choose cautiously.

1) Dine with wine The Valentine’s Day Offers on FreeKaaMaal covers every bit of it. A quiet candlelight dinner, a wonderful brunch or evening snack under the stars, a rooftop meal, now you can afford it all. You and your partner can have a luxurious fancy yet pocket-friendly meal and make the most of it. Have the long deep conversation you’ve been longing to have. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 2) A Bunch of Flowers and Box(es) of Chocolates No gift says “I Love You” better than a bouquet of Fresh Red Roses and shows enough affection. Sweets for your Sweet, From sweet milk or rich dark chocolate, everything adds to the bunch of bittersweet Valentine’s Day! Red Roses are a cliche, traditionally exchanged by couples to show their love. White Lilies, Blue or Pink Orchids, Purple Lavender expresses and emphasizes on the beauty of your relationship. Every colour depicts something, doesn’t it? online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 3) Dream Proposal Express every bit of your heart this Valentine’s Day. What can be better than you pouring your heart out and keeping nothing to yourself? The day is meant for lovers, getting down on one knee and with a ring and feelings to express…. It’s important to love and to be loved. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts  4) The Box Of Surprise This 14th February express your feelings and emotions by offering a token of love. It can be a test for you, how well you know your partner. Use the Valentine Day Offers to buy a bunch of dresses, footwear, Accessories etc. Fill a large box with helium balloons and special gifts for Valentine’s Day. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 5) Movie Marathon A series of Romantic Comedy movies, staying in bed all day, ordering in and lazing out with your partner. Enjoy a Day full of Sweet Nothings. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts  6) Long Drives Perfect Romantic Bollywood and Hollywood Songs to soothe your ears on a long drive, enjoying the breeze and your partner’s company. Sharing thoughts and away on a journey of your own.No escape, no remorse. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 7) Couples Relaxation Therapy Treat yourself and your partner together to a spa or a long bubble bath. You can be taken care of professionally and just enjoy. Potporries, scented candles, incense stick of your choice to simply relax and get pampered. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts    8) Down the Memory Lane You can assemble all your photographs and get them at one place. A scrapbook of your own memories!! All the incidents that brought you closer or in fact got the two of you together in the first place. Make a homemade card for him/her, add your own personal touch to it. Time to turn back the clock. Revisit the places you started from, make it your thing! online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts 9). Engraved piece of Jewelry You can mark the significance by sharing jewelry with your and your partner’s name carved on the inside… It shows commitment and sincerity. Birthstone, couple’s gemstone, bracelet, pendant and of course the promise ring! online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts  10) Breakfast in Bed Early morning surprise and showing gratitude to your loved one. It’s time to return the favour. The ultimate personal gesture and touch that we offer and share. Cooking to soft romantic music is a wonderful mood-setter. online offers, Valentine day offers, Valentine gifts

The above options are the perfect way of showing love and gratitude, making your loved one feel special… the valentine’s day gifts on Freekaamaal can solve your problem and make it a hit in a pocket friendly way.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

Top 10 Valentine Day Offers Within Rs 500

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online saleIt’s all about looking into each other’s eyes and feeling warm fuzzies, exchanging gifts or drawing the curtains and drowning in one’s sorrows with wine while watching an endless loop of romantic comedies and during it, a surprise out of nowhere. Eventually, we all want to express our feelings with a token of love.

Wondering if your ideas are falling out of budget? Don’t want to spoil your plans because you couldn’t save up? Here are 5 items you can buy under Rs. 500.

1.  A Soft toy Teddy Bear, A Pillow in the Shape of a Heart Show your love in the shape of a heart. A soft mere genuine feeling to be depicted by the perfect adorable toy. For every time your partner sees it, he/she knows that it belongs to you. Customize your pillow for leaving a personal touch. Grab the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. You can check out the soft teddies on Amazon at great prices. Instead of one, now you can order 2-3 at the same price. valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

2. A Box of Chocolate

A bunch of his/her favorite chocolates. The bittersweet bond you share with your partner. A box of chocolates is a classic traditional gift to give on valentine’s day. Everyone loves this decadent part of the occasion. Rather than visiting a store, online portals are a great place to order your box(es) of chocolates. A grand box with some witty and surprising flavours, cream toffee, almonds and rich cashews, perfect blend of flavours in your favorite chocolate box. An exclusive luxury in an inexpensive daily snack, a beautiful cake and a lovely bouquet can never go wrong.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

3. A Promise Ring

In case, you want to show your commitment but aren’t quite ready for an engagement, a promise ring is the first significant step to take. It is a lovely gesture. It need not be a diamond ring, the meaning of the ring in itself is much more than any ordinary ring. Use the Valentine’s Day Sale to make your life a bit easier. It is a symbol of joint commitment.   valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale 4. Perfect Pocket-Friendly Lunch or Dinner

Food makes everyone happy. To celebrate a day of love with more happiness is exactly what we look for. Tantalise your food buds with the most scrumptious food in town within your budget. An intimate feast, a meal for two coming up! Show your care with an edible gift this valentine’s day. Redeem the Valentine’s Day Coupons to enjoy the meal without worrying about the bill.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale Enjoy the food, Order in or dine in, choose according to your mood.

5. Customised Items: Calendars, Mugs, T-shirts, Pillows etc

As I say leaving a personal touch shows thoughtfulness. This might help you connect with your partner on a level closer than you thought. Every time they get a glimpse of it, you’re bound to think of your significant other, something to appreciate them by. Eventually, it puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? A coordinated gift with your partner. valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

6. Accessory Box

It is the ultimate Valentine Steal Deal. Perfect hand-picked items to give to your partner. From necklaces, to earrings, rings and bracelets, Paytm offers it all. Attractive watches, accessory kit and grooming kit, deos and power banks for men.valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale7. Wrist Accessories 

Make his or her hand look royal with an attractive watch and a well-groomed look with the help of a grooming kit. Add a stylish wristband to enhance the look.

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

8. Electronic Products

Products like Phone Accessories( cables, and covers), Power Banks, Earphones etc to remove technical barriers between you and your loved one. Every gadget will be as new as a crisp bank note. Hair straighteners, curlers and pendrives at these prices don’t harm anybody and are surely used in our daily life.

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9. Trending Clothes

Celebrate the big day with the Spykar Sale for staying under budget and still in style. Now, when your partner wears it, all he/she can do is think about you.
valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

10. Face to Embrace

We all know girls like to groom and look perfect. So, this valentine’s day why not treat your friends or girlfriends with the same. Use the Nykaa Valentine’s Day Offers to enhance your beauty and look perfect for the celebration of this day. A party or a date, make-up can never go wrong!

valentine day gifts, valentine day offers, online sale

You simply have to put in a little effort which can result in a great Valentine’s Day and score an extra few points in the eyes of your partner. Valentine’s Day Offers around the corner can make it better. You don’t need to drop huge sums of money to give a wonderful, heartfelt gift. It’s the gesture that counts.

Men vs Women shopping

Men Shop 3 times more than Women, Delhi-NCR tops the Online Selling – Report

A new study has erupted where Sokrati, a digital marketing platform for ecommerce has given some interesting data which suggests that ‘Men’, who are usually seen yawning while shopping, actually shop approx 3 times more than Women. The data is inclusive of the study on the purchases pattern of both genders.



Not only this, Tier-I cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad stands atop of the online purchases.


Out of all, Delhi-NCR stayed atop



image source, data source

Micromax Canvas Spark 3

Snapdeal : Micromax Canvas Spark 3 sale on 7th April at Rs 4999 only

Micromax Canvas Spark 3

To all Micromax fans, Snapdeal has been accepting the registrations for the latest Micromax Canvas Spark 3 from 7th April at Rs.4,999 only. The sale will commence tomorrow, 7th April, 2015 at around 12 P.M. Let’s have a look at the features of the smartphone :

Screen Size 13.97cms(5.5inch)
Screen Resolution HD (1280*720)
Screen Type IPS
Color Depth 16M
Type SC7731
Frequency 1.3GHz Quad core
OS Version Android Lollipop 5.1
Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Standby Time 280 hr*
Talktime 22hr(2G)*
Camera Resolution 8MP AF Rear(2448*3264); 5MP FF Front(1920*2560)
Flash YES, Rear camera only
Autofocus YES, Rear camera only
Video Recording and Playback 720p
Internal Memory 4.5 GB for apps and mass storage
Expandable Memory Up to 32GB
Earphone Jack 3.5 mm
Dual Sim Support Yes(Micro)
Sensors Gravity, proximity, light sensors
Supported Applications

Snapdeal, Quikr, Hike, OLX, Skype, Scandid, M!live, M!games, operamini, oxigo cab, oxigo travel, clean master, CM security, CM locker, Indus launcher

Games: Monstor truck saga, temple paradise

Video Formats Supported MP4,3GPP,3GP
Video Resolution 1080p
Video Frame Rate 30fps
Audio Formats Supported Mp3/MID/AMR/AAC/WAV
FM Yes
 You can visit Here on Snapdeal to register yourself for this awesome phone now.
Shopping payment

Partial Payments : The next big thing in Online Shopping

Ever thought of a new payment method which could take its place in the booming online shopping dimension of India? Partial Payments! Yes, this is what some customer behaviour analysts of FreeKaaMaal deduced during a long term interaction with hundreds of thousands of shoppers via comments, community, reviews and chat over a period of several months.

What is the Problem?

1. Suppose a user wish to buy a smartphone or an expensive watch but he is sceptical about it. The reason being the fact that both of the products are a bit expensive for online payment. There is a very rare possibility of the transaction being successful but the order not being placed. Although the chances are very rare but still their is a hitch.This potential customer may turn to offline shopping just to get himself out of the situation of confusion. In case of exclusivity, the shopper may wait for the product to come down to the offline store.

2. A user sometimes do not have the Cash in Hand (Rs.5,000 or Rs.10,000 for example) while the product is being delivered placed online though the COD model. This may eventually led to the cancellation of the order followed by a bit more wait for the product.

3. A user may not have that much amount of money in the debit card (credit card in being exempted from the point) therefore causing a delay till the user get’s the money in the bank account which could be paid via debit card/net banking etc.

4. For the areas of Uttar Pradesh, which suffers the lack of delivery of expensive items due to a rise in fraudulent activities, this method can be a boon for selected area.

The Solution Shopping payment Companies can adopt a 50x-50y or 60x-40y or 70x-30y or 80x-20y model of payment. x & y stands for prepaid & cash respectively.

1. For the products which are the least expensive ones can be provided with a full COD, full prepaid or a 50x-50y payment way.

2. For the products with a bit more price range can go with the 60x-40y way.

3. 80x-20y mode could be for the products which are expensive and have a high cancellation ratio.

Kindly Note : This post is a deduction based on the interactions and experiences of the shoppers.It is a mere authors perception and do not have any concrete data to support, but, hypothesis is the base of experimentation which may conclude in practicality ;)

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