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GOSF has started.. and it has started with a bang..see why is the best option to shop for

GOSF has started and we at already are working day and night just to put on the best deals available for you on our GOSF page.

Before starting about what we offer I seriously like to admit that while researching about it, me & my collegues already have ordered a pizza, a tool kit, a trimmer and a sweatshirt. The Rs 299 store is the culprit. angry

Anyways, lets see why FreeKaaMaal is the best destination for online shoppers. 

#1 We know our shoppers



Would you love to buy a half sleeves tshirt during this winter? We understand our shoppers and hence placed those items which are very much in demand these days.

#2 We have made it simple to use



Okay, you wish to have a smartphone, no worry just come on our site and click mobile icon and each and every brilliant deal from every retailer present on Gosf will be in front of you. No need to shuffle among retailers and get confused. Its plain, simple & in front of you. 

#3 We know who is best


We have analyzed on the basis of priority and preference and hence placed 12 best stores which will be the black horse of the discount race in GOSF 2014.


#4 GOSF is by Google, we are google of GOSF

google gosf

Internet has every thing, and you search for best among them on Google. In the same way, GOSF has every thing but FreeKaaMaal put best of them in front of you. 


#5 Gosf is about 5 categories, We are about 9


We are having 9 major categories which are the compilation of the most sought after products. They are, fashion, kitchen, Decor, Mobile, Electronics, Travel, Food, Computer and 'Freebies' (the best among all).


#6 Smooth Shopping with FreeKaaMaal


Despite of having all time high traffic on our page, we have dedicated our day and night to provide you a glitch free shopping experience. We have tried to make GOSF further user compatible on our page.


#7 Freebie – The alfa of all categories in online shopping


We have a dedicated section known as 'Freebies'. And as we say "why waste money when you can get things for free". 



Top 10 reasons why GOSF 2014 is the best destination for online shopping

GOSF is the Indian version of the great American online sale known as cyber Monday which comes just two days after the famous Black Friday sale. Google, in the time of evolution of the ecommerce Industry of India which is being ruled by Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc, found a way to throw a bumper deal and discount party for all online shopping lover which eventually became GOSF.

The first GOSF was in 2012 and since then it is growing. We have bought you the ten reason for which GOSF 2014 will be the best destination for online shoppers.

#1 The GOSF 2014 pre party saga


Even before stepping in the main event, GOSF declared about a preparty event where a lucky winner may get a free shopping of a total of Rs 2,50,000. “Read more about GOSF preparty.”

#2 Rs 299 corner


Selected branded products in the range of Rs 600-1500 will be sold at Rs 299. Are you ready for it?

#3 Digital Wall QR codes

giphy (7)

This is fabulous idea. Smartphone users can shop from QR scanner via their mobile. 

#4 Deals for all

tumblr_mba0hoDiHF1rdvztso1_500Age, gender will be no bar in the event

#5 Deals from all

giphy (4)

100s of participant will shower discount & deals on you

#6 Categories


The GOSF 2014 have about 23 categories in total, with nearly 80 sub-categories

#7 Hundreds of retailers together for the first time

tumblr_mij3rmHOoM1s6vpuwo1_500 (1)

That is far too much to handle! cheeky

#8 No technical issues this time

tumblr_myxvw8DzRK1rkeh8to2_500Well! I won’t say anything on this.. We can just hope.

#9 The time is prime

giphy (1)

Things will be brilliant for 3 days only. Make sure you get the best deals of what you want in the 3 day run of GOSF 2014. 

#10 Competition means low price


Divide and Rule baby!!

Well this is what market and Google claims. Lets see what would happen. And as we say,”This is good, but we give you best of the best, so keep using and save money with us.” 

Get the best of the best from GOSF from HERE

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Indian Post is now bathing in money because of Flipkart, snapdeal, Amazon etc..


It has been a year, and Indian Post has been relentlessly serving COD 'Cash On Delivery' option made by Ecommerce Giant of India. 

Within a year of joining the e-commerce, India Post has transacted business of Rs 280 crore for Indian Companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, Naaptol, Telebrands Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues and Homeshop18. It is expected to increase further since GOSF 2014 is on its way.

With potential analysis of the market of online shopping, India Post started making official COD for companies like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc.In India where people trust 'ek hath le ek hath de' (Give by one hand and take by other) concept, COD has furnished out of the blue at an unprecedented level where nearly 50-75 % of orders are through this payment option.

Cash on Delivery

This exclusive behavior or tendency of people to take and pay at the same time when mixed with the most esteemed and dedicated post service of India, India Post, a combination appeared which grasp the monetary benefit of the whole e-market, benefiting Indian Post.

The reason for this huge amount of collection of India Post is because officials and employees of India Post are very much aware of the rural and semi-urban's complicated Indian addresses.

An official stated that 

“India Post collected over Rs 280 crore from consumers and gave it to e-commerce firms, since CoD facility was started in December 2013. The department with its huge network can serve as the best agency for not just delivering products, but also collecting money,” 

 Its great to hear about the upsurge of ecommerce industry, but what amaze us is the fact that how it is helping out the other dimensions of market to grow. Afterall India Post is worlds largest postal network. surprise



The party is on!! GOSF 2014 is in motion with its presale.. its not just free 14 minutes of shopping, Its more than that…


In our previous blog, "GOSF 2014 Pre Party Offers starting from 25th November – Enjoy Free Shopping for 14 Minutes" we talked about the gifts this presale of GOSF might hold. 

Gosf has sprung out with its pre-sale and it is more than just rumors and anticipations. It is a complete package of fun, greed & game and guess what is in return? Yes the return is discount, cashback, coupons and deals. The 'free-14' rumor of shopping for 14 minutes is true and it holds an amount of Rs 2,00,000 worth of free shopping !! 

We present you the whole GOSF 2014 presale.

The first section is "GOSF the game – play & win crazy deals"

The section consists of various categories where you can search for categories which interest you the most.

Game play

In this section you can play a game while selecting a category and then clicking on the icons during the gameplay.


After your game click on "LEARN HOW TO USE IT" it will redirect you to a page where you just have to give your mail id where you may get a link as a mail which may hold deals and a shinning new Nexus 6. 

Second section is about "Explore our GOSF partners" category. 

Here you can have a magnificent view as in who are going to participate in GOSF and in which category. Each category have a lot of sites associated with it where you can set a mail alert just by simply putting your mail id in the box.


The GOSF 2014 have about 23 categories in total, with nearly 80 sub-categories. From diapers to flight booking, from car to matrimony and from education to jobs, every thing has been covered with 22 average service providers for every category. It looks amazing as apparently it looks like that there is no category which GOSF has left. 

The most awaited category in this whole season was "14 FREE MINUTES of free Shopping"


It is about a lucky winner who can win a free shopping opportunity with GOSF. Everyday a lucky winner will get a chance to shop for 14 minutes for Rs 2,00,000 which may go up to Rs 2,50,000 and it is for free.

Every day for 14 days a brand will allow free shopping for 14 minutes. And the spree has been commenced by 'Asianpaints'.

gosf freeeeee

You just have to click on enter now and have to face a optional question. Just tick the right option and answer a simple question and submit your response.
At last you just give your mail id and wait for the opportunity. Who knows, you may be the one. So stick with us on FreeKaaMaal GOSF 2014 to get the best of the best.


GOSF 2014 Pre Party Offers starting from 25th November – Enjoy Free Shopping for 14 Minutes


GOSF – The Great Online Shopping Festival is now back again and this time it is going to surpass everyone expectations. For those who are new to GOSF, it is an yearly festival organised by Google India where 100s or online and offline retailer come together under one roof and give whopping discount for limited time. First GOSF was held on 12-12-12 that is 12th of December, 2012 and since then this GOSF is third in the row. (read more about Gosf here)

It is an era of discount coupons & deals, but all set aside when Titan enters the battle. Here the Titan is Google's GOSF which in fact looks like a Santa of online shopping offering a bag full of coupons & deals. This year , the whole fest will start from 10 December, 2014 and will end on 12 December, 2014. 
(Read about Gosf 2012 & 2013 )

The news has been bragging about a 14 day sprint of free shopping !!!!! Lets have a look what it is 

As we all know that GOSF 2014 will launch its website 14 days before the actual day of the discount run. But what would be in these 14 days to fill the site with? Well, the movie would be great but the trailer has been rumored to be in such a historic way that e-retailing market will vibrate through it. 

What is 14 day GOSF sale?


Its been said that the 14 day trailer would offer free shopping on 14 select brands. It has been rumored that there will be a contest with the partner sites everyday between November 25 and December 9, only a lucky winner which would be selected by the organizers will only have the green light to shop free for 14 minutes from selected products and categories. The GOSF 2014 due to this whole 15 14 minutes campaign is expected to reach 100 million users. It has also been said that the whole 'free 14' would be telecasted on Indian television. 

There will be Rs 299 shop too..

There will be around 300+ different brands and partners which are joining the whole event to rain down the best discount and deals they can. Already the Rs 299 corner (which offers selected branded products priced in the range of Rs 600-1500 to be sold at Rs 299) is very lucrative in itself. 

This year, the organizers will also introduce digital walls in various cities where consumers can order through their smartphones by scanning the QR codes of the products. (Have a look at how QR shopping works on youtube, here)

We at FreeKaaMaal are also excited about this upcoming Mega sale and to give our readers every single update, we have launched this dedicated page of GOSF 2014 -Get best out of best on Gosf.