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safari trip

10 Most Trending Women Outfits Perfect for a Safari Trip

safari trip

Nowadays, it’s very easy to book your safari trip with just few clicks, but there is one thing which still disturbs many tourists, especially women.  It’s the clothing! Precisely due to the fluctuating weather in the jungle throughout the year. No matter in which season are you traveling, the morning and night is usually bit cool and the afternoon is hot and humid. Hence, picking the right clothing is an essential to enjoy every shade of the forest. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with those combat trousers. In fact, with diverse new styles and collections, it has become pretty simple to shine in trendy outfits. You can grab latest women outfits with tempting Jabong coupons at a discounted price. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • One Shoulder Printed Silk Crepe Dress

safari trip

The afternoon safari tours are dominated by an extremely hot and humid weather. As a result going for a full-length outfit can make you wrap the safari soon. Thus, a summer airy dress is perfect which can be paired with a light shrug to avoid the tanning.

  • Maxi Dress

safari trip

There’s nothing better than flaunting your beauty in that vacay-ready maxi dress. It’s a perfect way to shine in a hot afternoon. While selecting a trendy piece you must opt for a V-neck, sleeveless and fixed shoulder strap.

  • Army Shirt Dress

safari dress

Can you recall those safari inspired army shirt dresses? No, this style is not old! A collared, Unlined and front zipper shirt dress, surely deserves a place in your backpack. You may also add a belt to enhance its style quotient.

  • Safari Cotton Dress

Safari dress

Inspired by historic military design, a camel-brown safari cotton dress is particularly very easy to carry on such a trip. Being designed with long sleeves, button down front, and mini length hemline, these pieces are practical yet give you that chic look.

  • Flirty Slit Dress

safari trip

A safari trip is not only about a jungle tour, but also about relaxing and enjoying in a beautiful resort. Thus, opting for a slit dress is great to throw a fabulous fashion statement while enjoying the natural surroundings.

  • Cold Shoulder Shift Dress

jabong coupons

Wearing a dress with flirty cold shoulder cutouts seems to be a bang on option for that customary bonfire. Don’t forget to combine a neck piece with this gorgeous dress to uplift the style.

  • Shorts with Cool Shirts

safari dress

A pair of chino shorts seems mandatory when heading for a safari trip. As many times you can expect to climb in and out of the safari vehicle for a light walk or for those brilliant shots. Thus, chino shorts are great for walking safaris.

  • Safari Skirt

safari trip

A skirt with a straight cut along with cargo pockets is in trend since ever. These are one of the traditional outfits worn by women for jungle safari. Being 100% in cotton, such assorted skirt is perfect for a long day in the jungle.

  • Neutral Color Tank Tops

safari trip

Tank tops are a great wear which can be complemented with any pair of denim and skirt. Also, the best way to get close to the wildlife is by blending with the surrounding shades. Hence, opting for neutral colors like green, brown and khakis is great to not attract any wildlife attention.

  • Safari Jackets

safari trip

Practical and stylish women’s jackets are extremely versatile for a jungle safari. Especially if you are not hunting or walking in the dense bush. These can be perfect for those cozy chilly early morning outings.

These are some of the dresses which are stylish and yet practical for a safari trip. However, going for some light accessories will just make them perfect. So grab trendy pieces online and save money with latest fashion accessories offers.

Keyboard Stickers etsy

Forget Laptop skin, Keyboard Stickers are the next big thing

What’s next in computer accessories? The answer is right here, it is Keyboard Stickers.

The Keyboard stickers are something which are applicable on keyboards and have been introduced by a couple , Anna and Sebastian who owns Keyshorts ; An online shop for Beautiful Laptop & Keyboard Stickers, Skins and Decals.

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Here is an exclusive look of how great and mesmerizing the product looks like : Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy Keyboard Stickers etsy   Now, It would hardly take a couple of weeks till guys from companies make branded copies of the product, while geniuses from local market makes original fakes of the copies ;) . In any case though, we will be alert with the first best deal online for such product. :)

Amazon Pebble Store

Amazon India Launches Pebble store


Buy Pebble Smartwatches Online from the Pebble Brand Store on Amazon India

Want to meet the next generation of technology? Buy Pebble smartwatches online from the Pebble brand store on Amazon India. By syncing your Smartphone or tablet to your trendy new device, you to check your emails on the go and be connected on the move. Pebble smartwatches come with Timeline interface which turns moments you care about – missed calls, notifications, calendar events, breaking news, weather reports, app alerts, sports scores – into pins that let you see what’s coming up or what’s already happened.

To let you live now to the fullest, Timeline gives you the info you need, when you want it. Rain or shine, you can stay active and connected with Pebble. So what are you waiting for? Order your Pebble smartwatch online today.

Powerful and Dressed for Success

If you want to instantly elevate your look and your life, the Pebble Time Steel is the perfect smartwatch for you to have. Available in many styles and colours, the Time Steel’s classy design, polished detailing, and premium materials make it look and feel great on your wrist.

Whether you want to manage your packed weekly schedule or get out of town for a long weekend, a full charge powers you for over a week. The watch comes with Pebble Timeline that adds your daily calendar to your wrist. So be it events, notifications or missed calls, all the moments that matter, can be organised in one easy-to-find place.

Pebble ClassicPebble TimePebble Time Steel

The Thinnest Smartwatch EverWant a smartwatch that looks like a normal wrist watch? Then go for the Pebble Time Round available online on Amazon India. It is the world’s lightest and thinnest smartwatch. Only 7.5mm thin, it’s so lightweight you might even forget you’re wearing it, until it helps you save your day. Events, texts, app alerts, incoming call, fitness and sleep tracking, with this watch you will stay on top of everything that gets you going, all with a simple, discreet glance. The Pebble Time Round comes in various colours, band sizes, and styles. Its quick-change bands and downloadable watchface design allows you to match your watch to your look in minutes. It gives up to two days of battery life and when it’s time to charge, it’s super-fast.

Water-Resistant SmartwatchLooking for a smartwatch that’s warm and inviting in a way the other watches aren’t? Then Pebble Times is the watch for you. With up to 7 days of battery life, the Time is always ready and waiting. This fun watch works with both Android and iPhone Smartphones. Whether you’re into sleep tracking or trail trekking, you can live life unplugged without worrying about the next charge. You can run in the rain, hop in the pool, or jump in the shower as the Pebble Time can handle it well with its up to 30 meters of water-resistant feature.

Built to Go Everywhere You GoWant to decide what’s important and what’s skippable, all from your wrist? Shop for the Pebble Classic smartwatch online from the Pebble brand store on With glanceable notifications, you can see who is texting, calling, or emailing, without having to find your phone. The downloadable fitness tracking apps assist you to count all the steps, hops, rides, jumps, or sleeps you take with your Pebble Classic. Since it comes with up to 7 days of battery life, so pausing to charge doesn’t need to be a priority for this watch.

Check out the whole store here


Why do we have a Tiny Pocket and Small Buttons in our jeans?

Coming straight to the Questions. Let’s explore the reasons as in -

Why do we have a tiny pocket in our jeans?

Jeans tiny pocket Most of us wear a jeans, many of us have a habit of using the small pockets which is literally a pocket inside the main pocket. But the small pocket is Not for ‘chillers’ (change) it is not for the key either. The real reason why we have the small pocket in our jeans is actually due to this reason : – The reason goes back to to centuries when most people used chain watches. Cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and keep them inside their waistcoats. However, the problem was to segregate the watch from main pocket and therefore this small pocket was introduced. The pocket was introduced by Levi Strauss in a bid to be more efficient and safe and still they are, even after more than 200 years of augmentation. They are basically watch-pocket. Info Source - Quora

Why do we have small buttons on jeans pocket?

jeans The reason again takes us back in history. The reason why we have small buttons on is : Earlier, Jeans were worn by the working class population that was subjected to hard physical labour. The work demanded a lot of moment and labour which concludes in over-stress on jean’s pocket area. This was a problem for them because they needed those pockets. To the rescue, came a tailor named Jacob Davis, a local customer of Levi Strauss & Co., who came up with an ingenious idea in 1873, that would ultimately be hailed as genius. Jacob thought of placing metal copper rivets as fasteners to reinforce the seam where the pockets attach. This held the pockets and the jeans together and prevented them from being ripped off of the jeans. Jacob Jeans Patent Jacob wanted to get it patented but he didn’t have enough money! So, in 1872, he wrote to Levi Strauss and offered him a deal if Strauss would pay for the patent! info – source Image Source source


Best for Travel – Inflatable Sleep Hoodies


inflatable-sleep-hoodie-hypnos-20 inflatable-sleep-hoodie-hypnos-27
It’s winter and it’s cold. If you prefer hoodies to keep yourself warm and love to take nap while travelling or sitting idle then this is the perfect product for you. Branded as Hypnos, these are the first pillow hoodies with an amazing design which could be inflated and let you place your head so that you can rest while you relax.

The product is designed by Elaine Yue. The company is currently accessing the need and the production factors to keep the cost as low as possible. Anyways, innovation is the key of the future, scientists are developing nano-tech equipped fabric but these hoodies are something which are highly cost effective.


Myntra is planning to relaunch mobile site


After experiencing a downfall in profits with App-only approach and after launches of Flipkart Lite and Snapdeal Lite versions for web based platforms, Myntra is now planning to relaunch its mobile site. According to a Myntra official, : “We are growing strong on the app front. However, all efforts will be pointing towards making the user download the app, We want to keep it contained for our users. There is a New Year sale happening and we will keep evolving. Things will become more mature.”

The comeback plan is not surprising at all because had app-only been the best option, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal would have been only on App by now. According to a report by business-standard - “Online fashion retailer Myntra is shedding its app-only presence and plans to revive its website for shoppers by January, to tap more users. Myntra had taken a lead in going app-only earlier this year, following which many others were shifting their focus as well. This decision of Myntra to return to the website format, while continuing with the app offering, is along the lines of its parent, Flipkart, which chose not to lose the growing number of users who search online for deals. ”


Not only Myntra, but LocalOye, an app based shopping portal is also planning to come back to the world wide web platform to get access to non-app users. Myntra is a premium destination for fashion oriented products and accessories which earlier this year went only on App following the large number of sales coming from smartphones.


Top E-commerce sites to buy fashion products in India and why?

The evolution in fashion industry in India has been marked as a significant era in the retail industry of India. The country of various colors has been looking forward to a change in the fashion since it became a luxury to hold and it was only meant for those who had the money and reach to fashion stores present mainly in malls or exclusive store in a few cities. The fashion was redifined and made a benovelent benchmark for the Indian customers when online shopping blossomed in India. Fashion, which was once a luxury element, became a household asset. 

There are various ecommerce sites to shop fashion products online. However a few of them are best among them:

Let's have a look on the best sites to buy fashion products in India:

1. : 

fashion and you

The site is an amazing online destination for all shoppers in love with fashion. You will find a wide range of products on the site and as the name says, it is all about fashion and you. The site started back in 2010 and since it has made a strong base of 5.7 million people. The coupons and offers fashionandyou gives are amazing and will push you to buy from it.



Jabong is the second name of online fashion in India. The site provides an amazing array of categories and products with a lot of discount coupons and offers on its various products. These Jabong promocodes are specially for the products which are very high in demand. 



KOOVS is highly inspired by international standards and trend allotment. It is unique in itself as it focus on the moment fashion products. The products are very reasonable and highly appriciated for the style statement they reflect. It launches about 150+ products each week across beauty and fashion categories. 



Myntra, acquired by Flipkart now, has been deemed the king of all the fashion apparels sites in India. The site is highly popular in India due to its wide range of variety, large number of categories and a very large cult following. 



This site was launched in August, 2011 with a tagline of being India's largest fashion brand with services over 1000 cities and approx 500,000 units of sales per month. The mission is vey focused and brilliant, it says 'to democratize fashion in India'.



If you wish to attain maximum shine out of you, Fashionara is for you. This is a brilliant and highly sophisticated site with a lot of categories and products to shop from. Fashionara will redifine the style element in you

Other honorable mentions are,, HomeShop18 and many more.


100 years of Indian women

India is amazing in many ways, and one is the exponential growth it have. Women fashion grew in the same way and hence became a shock to the world with rapidly changing and adapting the modern world. Lets take a tour of the century of Indian Women in context of fashion over decades.



It was the time of simplicity, women in this era believed to be empowered by taking care of their family as their own life and born and raised greatest men of India ever. 



Women became a bit more than simple and they started reflecting the inner beauty on their face.



1930 bought the first signature of fashion in Indian Women.
1940 was the time of the Indian turmoil as it was moving close to Independence. 

This was the time of freedom of speech, thought and identity for Indian Women.


1960The time when Indian Cinema started blooming and women started using the traditional beauty standards like kajal and Mehandi in innovative ways.


1970The time of Dum Maro Dum and Western influence over traditional Indian beauty parameters.


1980This was the era of experimenting new and varied looks. 


1990The time of brilliance, elegance and compassion.


2000In real life, it was the time when women started to get equal and in some case better educational qualifications. More girls got their self esteem and self respect with the confidence of being equal or better than boys. On the other hands, Bollywood showcased something else, the time of Kaata Laga and other item songs showcasing the plight of Indian women to rise above the standards of just attracting audience over absurd display of women.


2010The current era where a mixture of traditional indian beauty enhancer like Kajal and modern outfit is brilliantly carried by Indian women.

You may also like to read : The evolution of western fashion over the years-female



“Make In India” created these awesome videos.. they are better and more creative than any slang viral videos.. Have a look!!

Make in India is a term coined by our current Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi which has been started basically to promote in house production by SME's in India.



The different this time is the creativity of the messages the videos have. The videos are basically to tell the strength of India in the Global economy in the manufacturing domain. As a matter of fact, the moment we have more export than import, we will for sure experience low prices and high employment. 



Have a look at the world's 4th largest steel producer. 



A video about Indian space missions. 



We are the artists behind the curtain of technology


These videos are actually a projection of reality which shows the reflection of future. Hope you've enjoyed them. 

Screenshot 3

Redbull made a video and it is a brilliant .. Have a look where experts show their real talent

Screenshot 3

It would be a delight to see champions coming together to create a perfect precipitate of awesomeness of their talent. Redbull has compiled talent of experts like Sean Maccormac, Rickie Fowler, Lolo Jones and many more to create this exclusive video "The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge". It start with wings and end with it..