What Will Chandrayaan 3 Do After Landing On The Moon?

24 August 23


Cycle Se Chand Tak

The Chandrayaan 3 Lander Module touched the moon’s surface at 6:04 PM on August 23, 2023.


The target of the Luna Mission is the southern polar zone of the moon, which might provide oxygen, fuel, and water for further lunar missions or a more permanent moon colony.


The Chandrayaan 3 will continue functioning for two weeks after a successful landing.


Various tests, including a spectrometer examination of the lunar surface’s mineral makeup, will be conducted.


A side panel of the Vikram lander deployed shortly after touchdown, forming a ramp for the Pragyan rover.


After 4 hours, the 6-wheel Pragyan with a national flag and the ISRO logo will descend from the lunar surface at 1 centimetre per second.


Besides leaving the national emblem and the ISRO logo marks on the lunar surface, the rover will utilise navigation cameras to survey the lunar surface.


The rover’s equipment is set up to deliver payloads that contain information about the Moon’s surface.


Chandrayaan 3’s mission aims to show a soft and safe lunar surface landing, lunar rover wandering, and in-situ scientific experimentation.

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