10 Things You must know about the Onam Celebration!!

29 August 23


#1. Legend of Onam

The Festival’s origin lies in the mythological tale of King Mahabali, a generous ruler loved by his people.

#2. Pookalam (Floral Rangoli)

People gather early morning to design stunning patterns in front of their homes, signifying a gesture of welcome to King Mahabali.

#3. Onam Sadya (Feast)

Onam is incomplete without the grand vegetarian feast known as Onam Sadya. Served on banana leaves, it includes an array of dishes like rice, sambar, avial, pachadi, payasam, and more.

#4. Vallamkali (Boat Race)

Vallamkali, the traditional snake boat race, is a thrilling event during Onam. Colorfully decorated longboats, with rowers chanting songs, compete in races, attracting huge crowds.

#5. Kaikottikali and Pulikali

Kaikottikali is a traditional dance performed by women in a circle, clapping hands and moving rhythmically.

#6. Onakkodi and Traditional Attire

People dress in traditional Kerala attire, with men wearing mundu and women donning kasavu sarees, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

#7. Cultural Programs

Various cultural events like music, dance, drama, and folk performances are organized during the festival.

#8. Onam Games and Sports

Onam is a time for friendly competitions like tug-of-war, coconut tree climbing, and various rural sports.

#9. Worship and Prayers

People visit temples and perform pujas to seek blessings during Onam. Thrikkakara Temple, associated with the legend of Mahabali, witnesses a surge in devotees during this period.

Happy Onam

Onam is not just a festival; it's a reflection of Keral's vibrant culture, unity, and the spirit of joy.