Riverdale ‘Final Season’ Coming: 5 Reasons To Watch The Show

08 September 23


Comfy Characters

The characters of this show are highly relatable and provide comfort, especially to the young audience. All the actors played a brilliant role.

Top Class Mystery And Drama

This is a teenage drama with twists and turns in every episode. The show will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Social Issues

The show does not fall back on tackling major social issues like racism and slut shaming. It is important for young viewers to understand these types of things.

The Relationships

The relationships and bonds are developed to greater depth in each season. The show perfectly captures the essence of friendship, love, family and human emotions that revolve around them.

Amazing Backdrop

The colour palette during the whole show is well-intended and perfectly serves the storyline. The cool tones of the set are in balance with the drama and mystery going on in the city.

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