Mindful Practices To Deal With Anxiety

16 October 23


Guided Meditation

Meditation is a great way to calm your anxious mind by being in the present moment. Many guided meditation videos are available on YouTube for you to watch.

Go For A Walk

Go outside, look at the people around you, listen to the noises, observe things, feel the weather, and make yourself indulge in the surroundings.


Write down your thoughts somewhere and ask yourself questions like what you are feeling, what’s making you afraid, what is going on in your mind, etc.

Deep Breathes

Take deep breaths and focus on each breath. Be in the present moment and relax your mind. You can repeat things to yourself like “Everything is good.”

Turn Off All Your Devices

Turn off all your devices for at least 1 hour during the whole day. Indulge yourself in some kind of physical activity or just sit alone with your thoughts.

Be Mindful Of Your Thoughts

Don’t entertain any anxious or negative thoughts coming into your mind. Start thinking about something that makes you happy.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

Take baby steps in the direction of your tasks list. Complete one thing first; don’t entertain thoughts about the other tasks during that time.

Wish Other People Happiness

Start wishing something good for people randomly throughout the day.

Look In The Nature

Watch the sunrise, sit in the sunset, gaze at the stars and moon in the sky, watch the clouds floating in the sky, connect with nature, and you will feel just fine.

Brew On It

Make a cup of tea with your favourite ingredients. Look at the boiling water, smell the fragrance when you add ingredients to it, feel the warmth, and taste the tea sip by sip without any distraction.

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