Lines By K-Drama & C-Drama Leads That Still Give Us Butterflies

02 September 23


Business Proposal

Do You Know What My Love For You And This Credit Card Have In Common………They Both Have No Limits….

Hidden Love

Our Story Started When He Was 22 Years Old And Ended When I Was 22 Years Old. It Was Complete 5 Years During Which I Healed The Wounds Of His Youth, And He Fulfilled My Young First Love.

Coffee Prince

I Like You. I Don’t Care Whether You’re A Man Or An Alien Anymore.

Dr. Romantic

Am I Not Allowed To Be Crazy About You, Sunbae?

Strong Women Do Bong Soon

Please Like Me

Descendants Of The Sun

Should I Apologize Or Confess My Feelings?


The Only Thing I Can Do Is Get Rained On With You

Doom At Your Service

Love me to the point that you want to destroy the world for me.

Crash Course In Romance

I always felt something significant was missing. And I had trouble sleeping. But you found that for me. My missing piece…

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