7 Different Types Of Ramen Broth: From Shoyu to Tom Yum

20 April 24



For those who like lighter options, this delicious soy sauce-based broth recipe is a great option because of its lighter colour and flavour.


A flavorful broth with a deep, decadent flavour that is made with fermented soybean paste.


Shio is a clear broth with a mild flavour profile that is seasoned only with salt.


Chicken Bone broth with added aromatics, such as ginger and garlic, is flavorful and light. It's a tasty and substantial dis


A vegetarian and vegan-friendly broth made entirely of vegetables, this nourishing broth becomes an exquisite concoction when added to ramen.


Seafood broths, such as those made with shrimp, crab, or fish, have a unique, exotic flavour reminiscent of the ocean.

Tom Yum

This spicy and fragrant take on the classic Ramen recipe is made with lemongrass, lime, chillies, and occasionally coconut milk, giving it a Thai influence.

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