Beyond the Sunset: Exploring the World of Night-Blooming Flowers

16 December 23


Four O’Clocks

The most widely grown ornamental species of the Mirabilis plant is Mirabilis jalapa, also known as the marvel of Peru or the four o'clock flower. It comes in a variety of colours.


The native wildflower known as foamflower blooms in late spring in a cluster of tiny, fluffy white flowers. It grows in upstate New York's northern hardwood forests in the Adirondack Mountains.

Nocturnum Orchids

The largest-flowered and most recognisable species of Epidendrum is nocturnum orchids. This orchid can bloom at any time of year, but its flowering season is July through January.


The common name for a wide variety of flowering ceroid cacti that bloom at night is Night-Blooming Cereus. Some species, like Selenicereus grandiflorus, only bloom once a year for one night.


Primroses are flowering plants in the genus Primula of the family Primulaceae. There are between 490 and 600 species of primroses, mostly found in cool mountain areas of the Northern Hemisphere.


One of the most romantic plants you can grow in your garden is the moonflower (Datura). The trumpet-shaped flowers open in the evening and remain open until the sun rises.

Night Water Lily

The addition of night-blooming waterlilies to a medium-sized or larger pond is highly recommended. They open at dusk and close at around nine in the morning.

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