9 Tips To Boost Self-Confidence

27 November 23


1- Be kind to yourself

Stop being critical of yourself and be kind. Nobody is perfect, but we all can try to become the best version of ourselves.

2- Surround yourself with positive people

“Your tribe creates your vibe”. When you surround yourself with positive people who see the best in you, you will also start looking at those things and feel good about yourself.

3- Do more things you are good at

Recognise things that you are good at and do them frequently. It can be singing, painting, comforting people or anything. Your mood will be enhanced and you’ll feel good from inside.

4- Set realistic goals

Be honest with yourself and set achievable goals for the time period. You will start feeling more confident about yourself after completing each goal.

5- Positive self-talk

The way we talk to ourselves plays a big role in how we evolve as a person. Start using positive phrases like “I can do this”, “I will do better next time” and notice the positive change in yourself.

6- Learn to say NO

Instead of participating in the activities which make you feel bad, learn to say NO. Don’t do anything which drowns your confidence or mood.

7- Baby challenges

Give yourself small challenges and appreciate yourself after successfully completing a challenge. It is an incredible way to boost self-confidence.

8- Take care of your body

Do exercise, take a good diet, practice meditation and get a good sleep. When we take good care of our mind and body, we automatically feel good about ourselves.

9- Face your fears

Do things which makes you uncomfortable. Apply for that job or ask your crush out for a date. You might get a little anxious or make mistakes, but you will eventually feel more confident from inside.

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