8 Most Expensive Flowers In India

18 September 23


Saffron Crocus: Rs. 499 - 3,999

The saffron crocus blooms in the autumn with lavender flowers with dark purple \\\\

Blue Himalayan Poppy: Rs. 687 - 3,159

It is rare to see it adorning alpine meadows with its stunning blue colour. It has significant value in the world of decorative flowers because of its rarity.

Gloriosa Lily: Rs. 599 - 2,999

Its bright red and yellow petals have given rise to the name \

Tulips: Rs. 299 - 3,999

ulips symbolise the best form of love possible. They are a simple yet lovely flower alternative for your partner because they represent warmth and affection.

Lisianthus: Rs. 399 - 7,895

Lisianthus are a lovely long-stemmed flower in cymes, representing gratitude and charm. It is the ideal bouquet to express respect, love, acceptance, or recognition.

Juliet Rose: Rs. 3,394 - 5,591

This rose variety is a wedding favourite for its delicate beauty. It took 10 years to develop this famous rose. That is why it is considered the most expensive rose of all time.

Kadapul Flowers: Cannot Be Sold Due To Its Short Life Span

Heralded as the “Queen of the Night,” the Kadupul flower is famed for its airy loveliness and elusive fragrance, which awakens after dusk, improving its exclusivity.

Black Orchids: Rs. 919 - 4,599

It stands out by their enthralling appeal and rich, velvety colour, and emits an aura of elegance and intrigue, making it an excellent option for special events.

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