8 Most Dangerous Festivals In The World

19 September 23


Baby Jumping: Spain

In the Spanish town of Castillo De Murcia, parents set their infants on mattresses around 200 yards apart. The coaches shield the infants from sickness and sin by leaping over them.

Cheese Rolling: England

An 8-pound wheel of double Gloucester cheese must be rolled down a hilly slope at a festival in Gloucestershire, England, while competitors race to outdo each other.

San Fermin Festival: Spain

Spain's Fiesta is celebrated every July. Six bulls are released at around 8:00 a.m. to pursue the runners. injuries are common, but they do not occur frequently.

Crucifixion: Philippines

Some individuals experience Jesus' sufferings during the holy week of Easter. They crawl over the uneven ground or bear hefty crosses placed on wooden boards like Jesus.

Log Rides: Japan

Japan holds the Obanishra festival every six years. Men rush down the meters-long wooden planks that are seated on them as a display of their might.

Rouketopolemos: Greece (Rocket War)

Agio Markos and Panagia Erithiani, two competing churches, engage in an annual "mock war" in which they launch up to 60,000 rockets at one another.

The Vegetarian Festival: Thailand

Some people participate in risky hobbies, including walking on hot coals, scaling razor-edged ladders, getting pierced on their bodies, and cutting their tongues.

Fruit Battle: Italy

Residents of the Italian village of Ivrea prepare to engage in a battle royale with oranges as they mark the defeat of a tyrant by tossing oranges.