7 Unique Dishes You Will Only Find In India

20 September 23


Litti Chokha: Bihar

The sattu dumplings, known as “litti”, are baked in clay ovens, and the “chokha” is made with brinjal, onion, and spice. The clay oven gives it a smokey flavour, and the dumplings are soaked in ghee.

Bhutte Ka Kees: Madhya Pradesh

A popular street cuisine from Madhya Pradesh is Bhutte ka kees. The grated corn is simply boiled with milk after being prepared with seasonings. This easy, healthy, and filling snack is exceptional.

Unidhiyu: Gujarat

Several seasonal vegetables are combine to make the curry. All are evenly boiled into a pulp over time, prepared upside-down in earthen pots, and are not just nutrient but also health rich.

Puranpoli: Maharashtra

This meal has Maharashtrian origins and is created with all-purpose flour filled with a lentil and jaggery (raw cane sugar) mixture. On a pan (tawa), the sweet flatbread is fried till browned.

Makke Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag: Punjab

Spinach, fenugreek, radish, mustard leaves (sarso), and spices are used to make the green gravy (saag). The flatbread, Makke di roti, produced from maize flour, is served with the gravy.

Chamani Qaliya: Kashmir

The Kashmiri Chamani Qaliya is created using paneer, milk, curd, and spices to give the meal its distinctive flavour and scent. The subtle flavour of Kashmiri spices permeates the gravy.

Irachi Ishtu: Kerala

This delicious dish, a thin stew of chicken, beef, or lamb cooked with vegetables and coconut milk, is well-known for its delicate taste and calming flavour.

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