2023 Chhath Pooja Date

06 November 23



Chhath Pooja will take place from 17 to 20 November 2023. The festival is celebrated for four days, with the main rituals observed on the third day.


Chhath Pooja is dedicated to Lord Surya, the source of life and energy. It is also a harvest festival when farmers express gratitude towards Lord Surya for the bountiful crops.


Day 1 starts with taking a dip in the holy water, followed by a meal of pumpkin and rice. Day 2 includes fasting and preparation of a special prasad in the evening.


On day 3, devotees offer ‘Arghya’ during the sunset and break their fast afterwards. The last day, i.e. day 4, also ends with ‘Arghya’ to the sun but during the sunrise.

Community Bonding

Apart from the spiritual significance of purification and gratitude, the festival is also prominent for enhancing unity and social bonding.

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