13 Major Signs You Are Going Through Spiritual Awakening

24 November 23


1- You feel detached

You start feeling disconnected from your surroundings and people around you.

2- You reevaluate your beliefs

You will start questioning your in-built thoughts and beliefs in different areas of your life.

3- You will experience synchronicities

You will experience mind-blowing synchronicities like seeing angel numbers, thinking about someone and them calling you, thinking about a song and it playing, etc.

4- Your intuitions will be heightened

You will be more aligned with your inner voice and feel it more strongly.

5- Shift in relationships

You will feel like your loved ones are unable to understand you completely. But worry not, you are changing.

6- You want to be of service

You want to be of help to the people and your surroundings. Be it humans, animals or your environment.

7- Your teachers find you

You will start meeting people who will teach you things about spirituality and life.

8- You will feel alone

You will often feel alone and different from the rest. But take it as a positive sign that you are on the right path.

9- You will feel more connected to the nature

You will be more attracted to the nature around you and find peace in that.

10- Your senses are heightened

You will start feeling more in tune with yourself and with your surroundings. You will be more aware of the present moment.

11- You will experience some physical symptoms

During your spiritual awakening, you will experience frequent headaches, brain fogging, zoning out, etc.

12- Frequent Deja Vu

You will experience Deja Vu more frequently in your daily life.

13- You can sense fake around you

You will feel when someone is being fake, manipulative, or lying to you.

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