Top 7 Single’s Hotspots: Best Cities For Solo Living

06 April 24


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo tops the list with a remarkable score of 169. Given its reputation for safety, high average salary, and general cost of living, Tokyo presents an alluring environment for lone explorers.

Doha, Qatar

With a composite score of 165, Doha, Qatar, takes second place. Doha attracted solo travellers due to its high average salary and high level of safety.

Beijing, China

With a combined score of 159, Beijing comes in third on the list. The city is a favourite among lone travellers because of its affordable rent and low cost of living.

Abu Dhabi, Osaka, and Bucharest

Bucharest, Osaka, and Abu Dhabi are tied for fourth place with 156 points. Bucharest was especially inexpensive, Osaka had the lowest rent, and Abu Dhabi was deemed the safest city.

Madrid, Warsaw, and Munich

Due to their low cost of living, Madrid, Warsaw, and Munich are tied for fifth place. For single travellers, these cities offer just the right balance of affordable luxury and energetic living.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland, with its high singles percentage, takes sixth place. The city is a great place to travel alone because of its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, which offers a safe environment and high salaries free of taxes, takes seventh place. The tax-free income more than makes up for the relatively high rent and living expenses.

Luxembourg and Prague

Luxembourg and Prague took eighth place, offering distinctive travel experiences for solo visitors. These cities are affordable and offer various cultural experiences.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, which ranks ninth, provides lone travellers with a vibrant urban experience. The city is appealing due to its modern conveniences, safe environment, and dynamic culture.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, completes the top 10 with a special combination of affordability, culture, and history. The city is a great option due to its charm and affordable options.

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