7 Places To Witness The Beauty Of Cherry Blossoms In The World

08 April 24


Kyoto, Japan

The greatest place on earth to see cherry blossoms is unquestionably Japan, where the Sakura season runs from late March to early April to mid-May.

Washington DC, USA

Japan gave the United States 3,000 cherry blossom trees in 1912 as a friendship gift. Over 1.5 million people visit the USA each year during the cherry blossom festival, which began in 1935!

Jinhae, South Korea

Let us break the news if K-dramas haven\'t already given you an idea: South Korea also has cherry blossoms! In many South Korean cities, including Jinhae, Seoul and the Jeju Islands, cherry blossoms

Copenhagen, Denmark

Depending on the weather, this nation experiences cherry blossom blooms in late March or early April. Copenhagen is the greatest location to view cherry blossoms in this country.

Paris, France

From mid-March to late April, Trocadero is covered in cherry blossoms, which makes it incredibly charming. This is a surprising but welcome bonus from nature.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam's springtime is a vivid canvas covered in tulips' kaleidoscopic brilliance. But then a lovely surprise happens: the magical cherry blossoms steal the show in a floral extravaganza.

Shillong, India

If winter makes you feel blue, Shillong, a stunning state in the Northeast, is a must-visit! Cherry blossoms bloom there in November, and there is even a Cherry Blossom Festival in November.

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