Most Beautiful Waterfalls in India to Visit in 2024

14 May 24


Jog Falls (Karnataka)

This is the second-largest waterfall in Asia and captures the heart of all travel lovers. It is a popular tourist attraction for couples and friends.

Dhuandhar Falls (Madhya Pradesh)

You can hear the roar of Dhaundhar Falls as it makes its way through the world-famous marble rocks. The roar creates a smoky effect in the atmosphere, just like in movies.

Athirapally Falls (Kerela)

Remember Bahubali trying to cross the gigantic waterfall? Yes, it was Athirapally! This stunning waterfall is surrounded by lush green forest and offers a picturesque view.

Elephant Falls (Meghalaya)

This waterfall got its name from the presence of an elephant-shaped rock near it, which was unfortunately destroyed in an earthquake.

Kempty Falls (Uttarakhand)

If you love picnics by the water then you have to visit the beautiful Kempty waterfall. Swim in the cold water while enjoying the mesmerising view of the valley.

Satdhara Falls (Himachal Pradesh)

This waterfall brings water from seven beautiful springs. You’ll also witness a stunning view of the valley with snow-covered mountains and lush green trees.

Hebbe Waterfalls (Karnataka)

The magnificent Hebbe waterfall is situated inside a coffee estate. The rich aroma of coffee beans will make your visit extra special.

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