Hardest Countries To Get Citizenship In The World

21 September 23


North Korea

The Supreme People's Assembly's praesidium is responsible for issuing citizenship. North Korea is the hardest country to become a citizen of because it doesn't acknowledge dual citizenship.


According to the Immigration Department, there are only a few legal ways for foreigners to become citizens of China, mostly through family connections or "other legitimate reasons."


Foreigners, or Aliens, as the Ministry of Justice of Japan refers to them, must have lived continuously in Japan for at least five years and shown "upright conduct."

Saudi Arabia

The ideal applicants must be native Arabic speakers and have lived in the nation for at least ten years.


Foreign nationals who want to become Swiss citizens must have a "C residence permit" and have lived there for at least 10 years.


According to the Kuwaiti National Law of 1959, to qualify for naturalisation, a person must have lived in Kuwait for 20 years, speak Arabic fluently, and be a follower of Islam by birth or conversion.


The requirements include proficiency in Arabic, a spotless criminal record, and evidence of having enough money to support oneself, and one must live in Qatar for 25 years to become a Qatar Citizen.


If a foreigner does not have Bhutanese parents, they must live in the nation for at least 20 years before applying for citizenship.

Vatican City

Vatican City gives citizenship in 3 situations: when a person lives there because they are a cardinal, a diplomat for the Holy See, or living there because they work for the Catholic Church.

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