Best International Honeymoon Destinations Under Rs. 1 Lakh

11 August 23


1. Vietnam: Ideal Blend Of History, Culture, Art & Adventure

2. Sri Lanka: Indulge In Wildlife Safari Or Cave Exploration

3. Malaysia: Experience The Multi-Cultural Heritage, Beautiful Beaches, And Lush Rainforests

4. Thailand: Famous For Spa Massages, Beaches, Buddhist Temples, Nightlife & Shopping

5. Bali: Treat Yourself To The Calm Serene Beaches & Scenic Views

6. Cambodia: One-Stop Destination For Tropical Beaches, Monuments, Nightlife, & Beautiful Countryside

7. Philippines: Popular For Its Beautiful Beaches And Islands

8. Fiji: Well-Known For Its Glorious Tropical Islands

9. Budapest: Comes Loaded With Nightlife, Sight Seeing, Rich & History

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