7 Exotic Plants That Take Up To A Decade To Bloom

07 June 24


Queen Of The Night

This cactus relative looks like a dead bush for 364 days out of the year. However, it opens with trumpet-shaped, creamy-white flowers up to 8 inches wide for a single night in midsummer.

Corpse Flower

The flower blooms once every eight to twenty years. When it does, a single dark-purple petal appears beneath a tall central stalk, opening up to five feet wide or more.


Large swathes of hillside turn bluish-purple when the kurinji shrub blooms. Because the plant synchronizes its reproductive phase as a survival mechanism, it occurs roughly once every 12 years.

Talipot Palm

Rising above the talipot, the gorgeous display of 16-foot-tall flowers is not without cost. The tropical palm (found in Sri Lanka and India) survives up to 75 years but flowers only once before dying.

Queen Of The Andes

This Queen performs a flower show every 80–100 years with a flower spike that can reach up to 30 feet high. Upon flowering, the plant dies, leaving behind a stalk of 30K tiny flowers.

Century Plant

In spite of its name, the century plant usually blooms between the ages of 10 and 25. Before the plant dies, a single flower stalk that reaches 30 feet in height blooms with greenish-yellow flowers.

Giant Himalayan Lily

After about seven years, the 10-foot-tall plant produces massive white-and-purple trumpet-shaped flowers. The Himalayan lily is a mass of glossy green leaves when it's not in flower.

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