Love Both Plants & Dogs? Get These 7 Houseplants That Are Dog Friendly

20 May 24


Spider Plant

Requiring indirect sunlight to thrive, this plant purifies the air and is safe for dogs.

Boston Fern

Rest assured, this plant is non-toxic to dogs. It prefers humid environments and bright, indirect light, ensuring your pet's safety.

Areca Palm

It thrives in bright, indirect sunlight and is dog-friendly as well as air-purifying.

Parlor Palm

This plant can withstand low light levels and is safe for dogs to care for.


Pet-safe, with colourful foliage that thrives in high humidity and low to medium light.


Needs little maintenance and direct sunlight, this succulent is safe for dogs.

African Violet

Safe for dogs and a stunning bloom. It requires constant moisture and mild light.

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